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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

"You're Packing a Suitcase for A Place None of Us Has Been

A place that has to be believed to be seen."

Great line from the U2 song "Walk On," of which I heard a fabulous live version this morning on my way to Kinkos. Made me think about our little CRON experiment here... we're doing something that has unsure long term results, but the one thing we know is that if we don't do it, we won't achive that extension of the lifespan curve that I blogged about yesterday!

Then I got to Kinkos, and there was some sort of crazy power outage that caused the entire strip mall to be without power. So no Kinkos. Felt a stab of guilt when I realized that I was leaving my readers high and dry without any idea of how I did yesterday on my 800 goal.

But the day was busy... Farmers' Market, packing dishes, a buddy coming over for lunch, etc. So now I'm here... sorry for the delay.

You're wondering how I did yesterday.

Very well, thank you!

I ate my salad at 1 pm, as promised. It turned out to be a large garden salad from Subway instead of a salad bar salad from the grocery store. I realized I had to pick up a refill on my perfume at the mall on my way home, so I popped by the food court after that and picked up a salad. Right around 100 cals, or a touch under. The old one was 59 cals, and now they make them a bit bigger with spinach and carrot added, grape tomato instead of sliced. Just vinegar.

I was too tired and ill feeling (all that medication talking) to walk, so I stopped by the playground near my house and swung on the swings while listening to my walkperson. That always works. Eventually, I ate my eggwhite scramble (140), chomped on some grapenuts (200 for a half cup, and all the fortification you can stand) and got ready for Fringe.

This week's play wasn't that good (as my friend says, "There's sometimes a reason why it's on the Fringe.") But I had fun hanging out with my friends, and they had already eaten (yea!!!) so we went for drinks afterwards instead of dinner. I had two glasses of red wine out at a bar in Center City, then got home fairly early which was good since I've been so tired all week. Was hungry again by that time, so ate a cottage cheese snack (90) and another round of grapenuts (125 -- thanks to Kenton for doing the calculation!) No matter how you count those glasses of wine (I always up the count on my Walford software because the pour is bigger in a restaurant), I made target!

And I felt better today. That prednizone is powerful. I got some good advice from a long term CR practitioner on some breathing exercises, and I think I will re-read her yoga section in the book she wrote with her dad (oh no, am I giving away her identity? hmmm... :) I am always so dazzled and happy at the way that CR Society folks are so friendly and helpful. It's like being part of a really big, skinny family that spans the whole world! We're connected by our desire to live long and healthy, and let's face it, we're just nicer than Ad Libbers.

Today's food was tons of fun because it was Farmers' Market day! For lunch, I made a wonderful dish with steamed vegetables: zucchini, yellow squash, broccoli, yellow tomatoes, and some Farmers' Market marinara, doctored up April style with garlic sauteed in olive oil, and about a half cup of red wine, basil and oregano, simmered forever in the wok with a touch of fresh ground pepper and a dash of salt. Ate a little of the pasta I served it over for non-CR company. Not hungry anymore. That was like six hours ago. CR has shrunk my stomach or something. Even when I mean to, I can't eat all that much.

I'm having CR friendly dinner company tonight (yep, company for two meals) but she won't mind if I eat a bite or nothing at all. I picked up some pretty okra today at the market, thinking of Dean and the okra thread on the list. Tonight I'm going to cook the okra with yellow tomatoes and serve it with some more Farmers' Market Fra Diavlo sauce... yummy! Spicy! I'll eat like a bite. I also have a bottle of CR friendly girl's favorite wine, which I picked up at my wine store this am. One of the wine guys who has known me since before CR and knows about what I'm doing said, "If you lose anymore weight, you'll disappear." But he grinned as he said it. It has been my experience that men are more supportive than women as a rule. Of course there are exceptions, like VLC or my mother, who are both super supportive (though VLC is threatening to quit her job if I won't stop forwarding her pub med papers that Al posts on the list!)

One funny thing about weight. I think I really enjoy being 110. I recognize that I will without a doubt lose more weight if I stick to my calorie goal and gradually improve my nutrition so I can drop it even further down (don't worry Mary... I won't drop it further until I perfect my nutrition and get my protein right every day!). But once they get that immortality pill to market, I'm going back up to 110. 110 looks good, feels good, and is easily supported by a diet that's not stressful for me. But onward we go, packing that suitcase for the place none of us has been! Gotta CR for the next however many years... how's progress, science boys? Did I mention that I miss those bean burritos? I'm at a weight now where I look thin but not too skinny, and I've hit the point where *a lot* of people are saying, "Don't lose anymore weight." Instead of going into a long description of the lifespan curve, I just smile and say, "Thank you." (Anyone who knows me knows how hard it is for me to do that... I really want to slam them against a wall and explain the whole darned thing!) But once I drop down further, it's going to get weird around here. I think I'm ready though. I've learned so much more lately that I am ready to defend myself with the facts, and I've made some great CR Society friends who are always so supportive when I need a little pep talk!

Okay, kids, off to steam some okra. More tomorrow.


  • At 3:14 AM, Blogger cookingdani said…

    You go girl! So happy you are able to cash in on the Farmer's Market. Everything tastes so much better and is so much better looking when it is so fresh! (Not to mention more nutritious-like we already know)

    I'm struggling along, waiting for software to arrive...must...compute...nutrition...

    Congrats to you for staying focused during a stressful time!



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