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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Asparagi Always Get Me

And I can't even think about heirloom tomatoes without getting that dreamy look that most girls reserve for gossiping about boys.

I hadn't planned in advance to have my weekly dinner out last night, but after work, at about the time when I don't eat anymore for the day, a friend suggested that we go out to one of my favorite restaurants. I thought about eating just a salad, but there were some amazing appetizers on the menu, so when my friend suggested we split a few, I eagerly agreed. I ate a lot... nowhere near as much as I would have in ad lib days, but definitely enough to qualify for my 1500 calorie day once a week. Looking back over my records, it's been awhile since I've had a big dinner out, so it won't hurt my averages too much (though that prednizone inspired adventure with the tuna fish didn't help my averages either.) If you add the extra 500 calories from my weekly 1500 ish adventure to my totals, it makes more sense why I can hit 1000 or just under most days and still not lose weight too fast (though some disagree with my definition of "Not too fast.")

I split three appetizers with my friend: asparagi in mushroom sauce, heirloom tomatoes with fresh mozeralla (it occurs to me that I have no idea how to spell that word) drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and a tiny little crab cake appetizer that was almost all fresh crab and no breading. No pasta this time. Two glasses of red wine. Very yummy. I apologize if this is making you hungry.

I'll probably stay below target today, since I tend to do that naturally the day after an eating out feast. I have no idea what my weight is because I packed my scale last weekend.

I do enjoy these dinners out, and they keep me from feeling like I'm missing something. I definitely get more pleasure from going out and being lax one night a week more than I would from the same number of calories added onto my daily totals.

It does however bring up an interesting point about hunger management for me. Usually, I go to bed just slightly hungry. Not ravenous, but with a slightly empty stomach. I sleep better this way, and I wake up feeling not hungry. I usually plan my day so that the big food goes in the middle, around lunch time, not at night. As an extremely early riser (4:30 or 5 am most days) it just works for me to get my large meal earlier in the day so that my body can shut down for sleep. And since I tend to work late, but have a social lunch with co-workers (instead of the way many people have dinner with family at night), it works for me.

If I'm hungry at night past the time when I would normally eat, and I'm around really good food, it's hard to resist. As long as I don't do it often, I can go ahead and eat and still stay on CR course. I also try to eat high quality veggies and protein at these occasions (though I sometimes fail!)

The rest of the week will be interesting with the move. I'm trying to finish up everything that is in my fridge and freezer, and I'm getting near the end. I have however observed that I have several bags of frozen kale and collard greens in the freezer that need to be eaten before Friday. I wonder what it would do to my nutritional totals to eat all of those. That's a lot of dark leafy greens. Will the Walford diet planner send error messages if it doesn't believe that I subsisted on kale and collards for two days?


  • At 9:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    There’s a trendy and respected “Thai and Sushi combination” restaurant in Long Beach, CA, called Your House (http://tinyurl.com/4sanj), which is where I ate with 4 others a few nights ago until I was stuffed without even exceeding my 1000cal limit! The trick was (naturally) to avoid huge servings of rice, pasta, and meat ~ in this case that was easy due to the variety of veggie-emphasized dishes upon which we stumbled. I tend to disfavor those high glycemic index (GI) items anyway, and while I do love the meats the attraction's only for small portions which usually works well for hitting desired protein levels without amping calories.

    Fascinatingly, several of our selections looked and tasted like noodle dishes, but were not. Actually, they tasted better than noodle dishes. For example, the Mango Salad entrée came loaded with everything in the book including spicy chicken pieces, but the large bed of (seemingly) “noodles” was actually a bed of elongate, skinny, off-white, raw (perhaps slightly dried) mango slivers!! Also, we had a delicious Green Curry Chicken dish which, again, appeared to be served with a generous serving of noodles when, in actuality, it was ornamented over a pile of slivered, pasta-like, bamboo shoots!! Finally, while everyone else was chomping on rice I ordered a full entrée’s worth of Chicken and Mixed Vegetables but with extra veggies instead of chicken and with the whole, huge serving steamed. I used the extra veggies like rice and mixed them with various entrees and sauces, stuffing my face until I had to loosen my belt! Some of the other Thai entrées we had were Spicy Eggplant Chicken (served with a spicy sauce and many assorted additional veggies including red/green bell peppers, onions, etc.); super, “wet” and flavorful Fad Thai (i.e., Pad Thai, lol); Basil Chicken; and some other dish(es) I can’t even pronounce. For sushi, we had a warm Baked Salmon Roll, which included cream cheese, avocado and rice on the inside and the most amazing, generous salmon filets draped over the outside along with maasago, green onions & creamy sesame sauce on top; and we also had a Three Amigos hand roll, which included spicy tuna, shrimp and scallop salad with avocado, smelt egg and a potent peanut teriyaki sauce. For dessert, it was my favorite, Mango with Sticky Rice, eaten by me with emphasis on the mango and mere nibbles of the sweet rice. Not to worry, the others made sure that not a grain of that delectable sticky rice was left behind. Uh oh, ‘hope I didn’t make anyone hungry! kenton


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