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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

I'll Meet You Anytime You Want In Our Italian Restaurant

Well, actually it was a Mexican restaurant that I went out to last night with one of my oldest friends. We don't get to hang out nearly enough anymore, but her fiance was out of town (Las Vegas bachelor party) so we had a girls' night out. We keep trying to figure out what to do for her bachelorette party, and we keep running up against the fact that we weren't all that wild in our young, single days. I mean, my idea of a good time is searching the CR Society archives. Her hobbies are rock climbing and interior decorating. Neither of us like to stay up late, and we hate clubbing. So what can we do on one of her last nights out as a single girl? Watch the Home and Garden channel? I think we'll at least manage to get the girls together and go out to dinner.

On the way home I heard Billy Joel's "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" and it seemed more appropriate than ever. "Things are okay with me these days..."

It's been a weird weekend... frantically putting together my new "office" (which is a corner of my bedroom, walled off by a screen, only to be used for business purposes as per my accountant's advice... I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment) working on fundraising plans for the week, chatting with my favorite CR/Three Hundred brother about how we can convince people that curing aging is a) possible b) good c) something they can, should, and must give money to... NOW!

Yesterday was a good CR day until dinner: eggwhites for breakfast, 80 cals cottage cheese and a can of tunafish for lunch (I know, mercury, but I hadn't eaten canned tuna since September and I don't plan to have children in the next five years.) Then I met my friend who is planning a wedding (FWIPaW) for dinner in Center City Philly (which is our way of saying downtown Philly.) We had a margarita and ordered shrimp dishes and tortilla soup. The soup was amazing, we ate a few bites of chips with salsa (junkie carbs... predictable results... sometimes I really do need to be saved from myself and my carb thing) and then by the time the entrees came we were stuffed, so we ate a bite and then boxed up the rest to go. I was going to give my leftovers to my mom, who is at home sick, but I got stuck in the train station waiting for a train and gave the leftovers to a homeless man instead.

Today has been a good CR day so far. 80 calories of cottage cheese for breakfast. I think I will make eggwhites for lunch. Then tonight I am cooking a nice piping hot brewers yeast and free range organic chicken vegetable soup for my mom, who had to stand outside in the cold waiting for a train for an hour on Friday, and is now very sick. I'm also bringing her the NY Times and the Philly Inquirer, some grapefruits, and some throat spray. Everyone send get well thoughts to Very Skinny Mom, okay?

More philosophy soon.


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