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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Well, Ya Gotta Eat

Last night around five, my cat died. Not Kieffer... he's fine, though grieving. Katherine, whose been his best friend for the last seven years. We thought she was going to pull through when we went to pick her up at the vet, but almost as soon as we got there it became clear that she wasn't.

I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say that what was supposed to be a good day... picking up the cat, bringing her home to Kieffer who has been running around looking for her, fixing dinner for friends... turned out to be a pretty bad day.

We (my mom and I) got home from the vet about ten minutes before company was due to arrive, but in typical April fashion I had already set the table and put out all the ingredients, so all I had to do was put things together. I made up the soup, pasta sauce, etc. I ended up making the pasta sauce with artichoke hearts and tomatoes since I had already eaten red peppers earlier in the day and they're really expensive right now. The guests ate the pasta with the sauce, but I put a layer of spinach between the pasta and the sauce, so the sauce lightly steamed it. I ate just the spinach with the sauce, and oddly enough didn't even miss the pasta. It was pretty good, and I ate fairly well considering. Earlier in the day I had made the brunch I told you about earlier, and then I had a cup of cottage cheese as a sorta mid-day snack. The entire day is coming in at 967, low in the usual suspects, with 100% of everyting except only 91% of calcium, 71% copper, 41% zinc, 93% thiamine. P:F:C ratios pretty bad at 34:16:50, which just goes to show that when I'm not paying enough attention I revert to my high carb ways. Of course, the wine I had with dinner didn't help, driving up the carbs. I put olive oil in basically everything I cooked, but split between three people my share of it wasn't much.

Before the whole cat crisis hit I had a solid block of time and mental energy, so I read an article by Aubrey de Grey called "The unfortunate influence of the weather on the rate of human aging: why caloric restriction or its emulation may only extend life expectancy by 2 - 3 years" that you can find here: http://www.gen.cam.ac.uk/sens/weatherPP.pdf

If you find that a bit concerning, you can go to http://lists.calorierestriction.org/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind0310&L=crsociety&P=R37783 and read some things Michael Rae had to say about it. Caution: That was awhile back and he may have changed his mind about some things. Beware of the passage of time and its effects on the archives: remember that time I read the Albatross and went out and bought lots of tofu, only to find out the next day (upon further archive searching of later posts) that tofu caused dementia?

I figure it might be fun for all you bloggie friends to follow along with what I'm reading and see what happens to you. Let's do an experiment: you read what I'm reading, and see if you draw the same conclusions I do. Out of all the faithful blog readers, from Hong Kong to DC, there must be someone who is willing to play this game with me.

Friday night I read some stuff that can be found here: http://www.gen.cam.ac.uk/sens/AdGpubs.htm#social

which I was drawn to for obvious reasons.

If you're confused re: what the hell am I talking about, there are two good articles under "Introductions for the Non-Specialist" that might help. http://www.gen.cam.ac.uk/sens/AdGpubs.htm#intro

Wow, that's a lot of homework for the bloggiefriends, but since my cat just died, don't you think you can at least skim the intro stuff?

I think I'm going to work for a little while on the last of my revisions on the new entries... I've had it almost done for a couple of days now except for two small pieces that I can't seem to figure out and may just give up and ask for help.


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