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Monday, December 06, 2004

Another Low Tech Weekday

Greetings to all you new readers coming in off of www.fightaging.org! If you're just joining us, click on Saturday's post entitled "If You're Just Joining Us" for a little intro. You probably already read "Don't Ever Think That You Can't Change the Past and the Future," which is my favorite entry of all time, and describes the one of the most fascinating discussions I have ever witnessed. Have you seen that part in the first Lord of the Rings movie where the good wizard faces off with the bad wizard? Columns and pillars are thrown, and IIRC, someone ends up stuck on top of a mountain? Well, in this debate, all the participants were on the good side, but watching them argue was a lot like that scene in terms of special effects.

If you're not familliar with it, click on the link, www.fightaging.org, and check out a great source for info. Reason, the founder of Longevity Meme, was in fact that man who discovered my blog in the first place and posted about it to the CR Society list back in July. I returned from a weekend away from my computer to find lots of encouraging messages from CR Society luminaries who had read my blog at Reason's suggestion.

I promised my CR readers that I'd keep up the steady flow of food related content, even as we do what we can do fight aging in other ways. Therefore, this is going to be a food-related entry. If you're bored, hang on... there's some content you'll like more coming at you soon.

Today was another of my low tech CR weekdays, when I have no time to do anything but work and I'm running from place to place from 4 am until the moment I curl up in bed with a glass of wine and a de Grey article .

So today I ate:

280 cals of cottage cheese, nonfat, divided between breakfast and lunch, with green chile sauce on top. I know it's weird, but I really like spicy foods. No one is making you eat it. 42 g protein, 70% of the RDA of calcium.

A fruit salad of canteloupe, red grapes, and kiwi. Not sure on the calories, as it was made by the office cafeteria.

Broccoli and organic free range chicken broth soup with two tablespoons of brewers yeast. I eat the brewers yeast because a) I like it b) it helps out with a lot of nutrient deficiencies that I sometimes have. The broccoli was frozen, I just stirred it into the broth and microwaved it all together with a dash of salt and pepper. 221 calories.

A cup of green tea. I finally caught up on my CR Society list reading (well, not all of it, but by standard list reading method scanned for the important stuff) and it made me want a cup of green tea. That and the fact that it's freezing in my office and I dislike dressing like an eskimo when indoors, so like to drink warm things.

Tonight I'll eat a few nuts and some steamed veggies, probably cauliflower, carrots, okra or something like that. I'm not going out tonight but I am going to a party tomorrow night, so if my calories are a bit low today, that's fine. I'm still feeling relatively satisfied from last night's dinner. I tend to stay full for awhile if I eat a lot at once, a lot like I imagine a snake would. I'm the same way with sleep. I slept quite a bit on Saturday night, then last night I went to bed for a little while but woke up, so I got up and wrote, and then I stayed up till 2 am writing invitations to a friend's bridal shower.

That's your quick, high nutrient, low calorie, easy CR day. I love to cook and I actually cook really well, but I save the culinary pyrotechnics for weekends and nights when I have company. Weekdays when I'm just cooking for me, I go for the easy things that require almost no thought or preparation. I hope this is helpful to those of you out there who are new to CR. I know when I first started I was in awe of the complexity of the recipes of the more experienced CR brothers and sisters, and I felt somehow inadequate that I just wasn't willing to put that much time into cooking on weekdays. But now that I've evolved a diet where I get most of my RDA's everyday on 1000 - 1100 calories, with almost no effort whatsoever, I'm happy with my brand of CR. It fits my life, where I work all the time, travel constantly, and have to fit into lots of different social environments while attracting minimal attention.


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