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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Are You Travelling as a Student?

So said the ticket taker to MR as he bought our bus tickets to Edmonton for Aubrey's lecture. MR is 34. CR really works. I told you he looks like a college student.

Much to talk about and I have been insanely busy, so sorry I haven't written, bloggiefriends. Had a wonderful time with MR's parents. All four of them were tons of fun, and his brother is cool and works at Starbucks, which means he scored me some coffee! MR's parents remind me a lot of my dad and step-mother. My dad definitely would have approved of the meal MR's mom cooked -- especially the squash. MR brought our food and made us stir fry with eggwhites but I did eat a little bite of the yogurt pie with a hazlenut crust that MR's mom made -- she gave us these adoreable little tiny slices of it to taste! I need to get that recipe... I would love to make it for my dinner guests at home. Thanks for the lovely evening, Mother of MR! Will write a proper thank-you note from home. Surely I have not reached the point where I am writing thank-you notes in the blog?

Busy busy busy with trying to make plans with Aubrey, working on M Prize projects, etc. Made dinner for me and MR last night -- shrimp again in white wine with artichokes, capers, garlic, grape tomatoes. Olive and flax oil stirred in for fat, all over spaghetti squash. I had dinner ready early -- I'm really getting the hang of this -- but it took him awhile to figure out the spaghetti squash.

Last night I picked up A DNJ d G from the airport and he spent the night at MR's house again before we all got up to leave the house at 5 am -- A d G to the airport and us to the bus station. Now I'm in an internet cafe in Edmonton frantically checking the email to make sure I don't miss anything from M Prize world. And of course I had to say hi to bloggiefriends.

Thanks to all my wonderful commenters -- great to know that someone out there has read _Neuromancer_! You're right about the sunglasses -- that might be a bit painful. Did you read the entry in which I remarked that razornails would be helpful for opening those annoying CD packages? I also noticed recently that Razorgirl rhymes with Fundraisergirl. Thoughts? Dani -- you can find a retailer for AOR supplements at www.aor.ca. MR says that you click on the horribly ungrammatical "From Where To Buy" button. He says he tried to correct it but the web designer had left the country or something. Fruitgirl... I must make it out to CA to visit you now that I've read your menu! Without you, I might never have discovered the joys of eggwhites and plain yogurt.

There's this gorgeous guy next to me in the internet cafe... I asked him if he comes here often, but as it turns out he's from Calgary. He's rather thin... I wonder if there's any chance that he's on some sort of freaky diet that might help you stay alive until the dawn of radical life-extending biomedicine?


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