April's CR Diary

A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

So What Did Ya Eat?

CR friendly fancy brunch:

shrimp sauteed with red pepper and grape tomatoes in calorie free butter spray, then folded into an eggwhite scramble, served over a bed of arugula

dinner: shrimp and scallops steamed with red pepper and broccoli and stewed tomatoes in chardonnay, served over arugula

calcium supplement, glass and a half of wine.

lots of water.


Packing: sweaters, as it will be cold. The book for Aubrey, the dried cranberries for Michael.

Getting on a plane early in the morning to spend eleven days with my intellectual inspiration... oh, yeah, and Aubrey de Grey too! And Kevin, and another M Prize brother who is flying in for the occasion of Aubrey's talk... it is very exciting to actually meet so many of my friends! You forget how odd it is to have friends you've never seen. I'm looking forward to actually seeing these people who now feel so close to me.

Dani, I'm counting on your colleagues to get me to Chicago, and then to Calgary. Put in a good word for me, okay?


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