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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Breakfast Salad for Dinner, or "Mommy, why is the computer talking?"

Sometimes in the midst of love letters to MR, rambling thoughts about Aubrey de Grey and the cure for aging, and moderately amusing accounts of my attempts to pay for things with Canadian money, what I actually ate gets lost. And I feel bad for that, because this is supposed to be a blog about CR, and there's a large sector of my readership who are here for the eggwhites. So here you go, yesterday:


100 g turkey, probably about 200 calories, not sure re the categories of turkey on nutritiondata.com (Still haven't loaded DWIDP onto new computer)
40 calories of flax oil
wheat bran (MR doesn't know how many calories that has... we need to find out, but it's all fiber)

breakfast total: 250 ish


1 cup cottage cheese, lowfat: 160
1 box frozen okra: 90
1 pint grape tomatoes: 60
70 calories worth of Laughing Cow garlic and herb cheese

lunch total: 380


MR's breakfast salad with April's variations.
Now here's where it gets confusing. My mom came over to fix the computer so that I could chat with my M Prize brothers and anyone who has questions about the Prize via Skype. She was also trying to fix some other software problems I was having (Mom is my resident computer geek.) I cooked dinner while she fixed things, but it was pretty crazy with talking to my Three Hundred brothers on the computer and me trying to explain to my cat why it was that the computer was talking, so I didn't weigh the greens. Yes, I made MR's breakfast salad and didn't weigh it. That's rather silly, but he forgot to pack my breakfast last Tuesday so there.

Salad contained:
Chopped kale, romaine, arugula, one green pepper, and sliced cherry tomatoes. Flax oil mixed with olive oil, and it's supposed to have balsamic vinegar which I realized I was out of, so I put some Williams Sonoma chili lime sauce on it instead. Topped both salads with steamed shrimp for protein. Delicious, easy, and very pretty meal.

Mom and I polished off some Riesling that she'd had lying around and ate our 20 calorie calcium supplements. Yikes, I forgot to take my Essential Mix! And MR even autographed it for me!

All in all, pretty good day. Not sure on the totals, but looks pretty good, and the protein was excellent. Getting all my good Omega 3's now in flax oil. My mom tried to fix the problem with the freezer so my flax oil won't be frozen solid all the time... we'll see if it worked.

Woke up at four, feeling great. Checked my email (yes, I'm still infatuated with my cable modem) and took my morning supplements: creatine washed down with cranberry grape juice (MR says you have to do this because it has to have something sugary to activate it. And if MR says to eat something sugary, who am I to argue? I only drink 30 mls though, just enough to make the creatine work.) and strontium. That's for bones. MR seems to feed me a lot of supplements that are all about bone health, including one that sounds like metronome and always makes me think I'm going to start ticking. It's tiny and yellow and cute. Yes, I identify my supplements by their relative cuteness. And you were expecting what exactly? Some sort of complex analysis? If you want that, go to


There's an underscore between Strontium, Winter, and 03, if that doesn't show up. I read that article while we were waiting for Aubrey's plane... and yes, it's a little weird to read MR's articles while he's sitting right next to me. But in the grand scale of weird things that have happened in my fairy tale life as of late, that's pretty un-weird.

Today will be another quiet day of working on M Prize stuff. Dr. J's book, _Citizen Cyborg_ got here while I was in Canada. (Remember Dr. J of http://www.changesurfer.com?) I am so excited about reading it! The question must be asked: Will my cat eat _Citizen Cyborg_? She's eaten the complete works of MR, large portions of A DNJ d G, and a few bites of Kurzweil's _Fantastic Voyage_ too. Can Hughes escape the kitty claws, the loud chewing that wakes me in the middle of the night? Tune in next time to find out.

It's just after six now, and I've taken my supplements, allowed an hour for the strontium to do whatever it is it does (You're supposed to wait an hour before eating after you take it. Don't ask me why.) Now it's time for eggwhites...

Happy now?


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