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Saturday, February 19, 2005

This Is His and Hers Celery

Or: Everything I Ever Needed to Know About CR I Learned From MR.

Now don't whine that this entire blog is becoming one long love letter to MR. You too learned almost everything you know about CR from him, and if you've been watching the blog with a careful eye from Day 1, you'll notice that nothing has really changed.

So I want to share with you some things I learned about CR from spending 11 magical days with the most serious of hard core CR practitioners. And some funny stories.

You're probably wondering, "Do they really sit around talking about CR?" The answer is yes, we do. We sit at the kitchen table eating our perfectly balanced, calorie counted meals and talking about macronutrient ratios. Yeah, we really do. And we really, really like it. I mean, who else is going to put up with us?

So I learned a ton from just being with MR. And from having unlimited questions to put to my CR guru. You are so jealous, aren't you? If you donate, say, $50 to the M Prize, I'll ask MR your CR question. How's that for a genie in a bottle? If you join the Three Hundred, I'll ask him as many questions as you want.

Here are some things I learned:

a) This whole Zone thing is for real. The difference in my mood when I Zone my meals (or when MR does it for me) is amazing!

b) Protein is a massive anxiety fighter for me. Protein shots at breakfast, in the form of eggwhites, and I'm set for the day. Hey RK -- what do you think about _The Anti-Anxiety Diet_ by RK and AS? Can we get a grant for that?

c) Here's how you get your fiber: wheat bran. Soak it overnight, on the stove, or anywhere in my house (as in somewhere warm) Then drain off the liquid and eat.

d) Flax oil rocks my world. RK is right about those Omega 3's -- I've never felt better, and it's not *just* being in love.

e) Weighing everything really is eaiser.

Yeah, it really is. It was hard at first. But as I got used to it, I realized that the entire mental acrobatics routine of guessing and rounding and estimating was gone. It's just plain easier to know what it is you're eating. So what if people think it's weird that you weigh all your food? You're in good company! After about three days it just clicked in my head and it was easy... and even fun! Me yelling "Yea!" when I got exactly 100 grams of tomatoes on the scale, MR asking what I was so happy about as he wrote something brilliant for Aubrey at the computer in the living room. Whether it's recruiting a new Three Hundred member or weighing out vegetables, I'm nothing if not enthusiastic.

I got a ton of supplements, most of them AOR, and I'm learning how to give myself the pills. I'd have to say, it was easier when MR would just feed me my supplements at the appropriate hour. Sorta like a zoo keeper feeding the lions. But I am a smart girl and can certainly learn to take my supplements. I brought back a tin of Essential Mix for VLC, autographed with an inscription from the creator himself, and she was thrilled. I also gave her and my mom megamuffins... we worship the megamuffin. We also worship Christine, who made them for her newly CR'd husband Aaron for Valentine's Day. Now all you CR boys out there who don't have a CR spouse, you know you are so jealous of Aaron now. Not only is his wife beautiful and smart and articulate and gets it re: curing aging, she bakes him megamuffins! I really hope that MR and I can go back to Edmonton to hang with Aaron, Christine and Kevin next time I'm in Canada.

Funny moments with MR:

When we were laying out our veggies for chopping, and he said to me, "Now this is his and hers celery."

When we were waiting for the bus at the food Co-op and a random homeless man walked up to us, looked at the cottage cheese MR was holding, and said, "Don't eat that, it's bad for you." Yes, I watched a random homeless man argue with MR about nutrition. I thought to myself, "I would pay admission to see this," and sure enough, I gave the guy two dollar. Well, I thought it was a quarter... I don't quite get the whole Canadian money thing yet. Still, worth it.

Seconds later, we got on the bus and the bus drive glanced at the cottage cheese and free range eggs in MR's hands and said, "That's a good breakfast."

That'll teach you to take nutrition advice from strangers.


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