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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Love Angel Music Baby

It was recently brought to my attention that this blog is seriously lacking in love letters to MR.

Okay, so that's the most absurd thing I've read all day.

Actually, I was just writing on another topic that this blog has been a love letter to MR since the beginning. Sure, there are eggwhites, there is brewers yeast (three cheers for the people who thought I was talking about brewers yeast in the "This Time I Really Think I'm In Love" issue) there are calorie counts and descriptions of Aubrey de Grey and all sorts of things, but basically, it's all about MR.

Here's what I wrote:

One of my CR brothers pointed out to me that my blog is all about MR. That's probably true. From the beginning, the blog has been a testament to my respect for the man who started out as my CR guru, rapidly became my inspiration for saving my own life from the downwardspiral of ill-health that we've seen too many of ourfriends and family fall into, and has now become my lover, my partner in the fight against the unnecessary suffering of aging, and my daily reminder that life is worth fighting for.

So I thought it was time to write my commentary on the new Gwen Stefani CD. It's called "Love Angel Music Baby," which is a line from the song "Rich Girl." I love four noun album titles. One of my favorites of all time, the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Blood Sugar Sex Magic" could be a great CR blog entry, if only you made it "Bloodsugar Sex Magic." Get it? It's a low carb thing, you wouldn't understand.

So of course when I heard the song and bought the album, I thought of my CR angel... and there really aren't enough public written records of how much I adore him, are there?

[a brief note: if you think it's irritating to read about, you ought to see us when we're together. luckily, the people who've actually been forced to be around us: Aubrey de Grey, Keven Perrott, MR's parents and brother, are all happy people who are downright ecstatic that two weird people like us have found each other. So they're okay with it. I don't know what the random people who are forced to watch the two skinny redheads kissing on the bus think, but until they actually throw us off public transportation, I'm not planning to change anything.]

It may seem odd that I found so much inspiration for a serious life change from the nacho and margarita diet to the super healthy brewers yeast and eggwhites and pinot noir diet that we now see me enjoying from the writings of a rather un-approachable stranger. I had a big crush on MR long before I ever saw his picture -- watching a TV interview with him only sealed it. His writings, stored up in the magestic archives of the CR Society (I will always be grateful to one of my CR brothers for restoring the archives after a catastrophic crash last spring) were like a lifeline to me. I knew I wanted to change... had to change... but I didn't know how. I saw his name flash across my inbox over and over again, and I started reading his posts. At first, I'd just skim them for the funny lines. Gradually it began to sink in. And then when I started to change my diet, and saw visible, dramatic results, I came to trust him. All the while he had no idea that I existed.

MR's writings can be harsh, fire and brimstone, sinners in the hands of an angry P:F:C ratio. That's what I needed to shake me out of high carb hell. No ordinary nutrition book would have done it.

He continues to be my inspiration to improve my diet, life and health even more. All the more so because I want to spend as much time with him as possible, and that means being young and healthy, not old and sick.

What's so weird about that? So what if love is the thing that makes you change for the better?

You're probably wondering what I ate today. Well, I'll tell you. But in the next entry. I haven't eaten dinner yet.


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