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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

It Won't Do To Dream of Caramel

The first line of Suzanne Vega's "Caramel," a song which should go on the CR theme mix tape if there ever was one.

And the title of this post because one of the most interesting and useful things I found out about at the conference was how eating just one bite of a food that is high in saturated fat and sugar causes physical changes in the body that make you want more of that food!

Like many things I learned at the conference, I learned it from another CR practitioner in conversation outside the main sessions. Chatting with a CR brother, let's call him Very Perceptive CR Brother, on a walk in downtown Charleston, he described how this phenomenon works. So it's not just my imagination... trying just a little bit of something really does make you desperately want more! The potato chip manufacturers are correct: You can't eat just one!

I thought this information would be particularly useful to my blog readers, if anyone out there is struggling with food cravings and social situations where people urge you to "just try a bite" of whatever it is they're eating.

This morning, at a meeting with nurses, I remembered this advice and refused to eat even one small piece of the bagels with cream cheese feast that was provided. I know better than to have even a taste of my old arch nemesis.


  • At 4:36 PM, Blogger Mary Robinson said…

    The nutritional diary tool - used faithfully every day - eliminates this problem for me. I really try hard not to lie to the diary. If I know that I will have to see the damage in useless calories, I can stop.

    Also, I never "cheat" when I am hungry. That is way too dangerous. If I have eaten and have had the 30 minutes for my hunger detectors to decide that I'm not hungry any more, then I will try a little bite. None of the cheating foods really taste all that great to me anymore. The diary helps on this, since I know what's in them (or what's not in them). Since I value foods as much for nutritional contents as for taste, the bad foods do not have the same appeal.


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