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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Very Nutty Lunch with Very Little Co-Worker

VLC is really a gift to my CR practice. She fixed us up the nicest lunch at my house yesterday! We had fat free cottage cheese, doctored up with a nut and seed mix that she made that included ground flax seeds, almonds, toasted pumpkin seeds, and just a dash of sunflower seed. It was so yummy! I might make it myself and leave out the pumpkin but add in hazelnuts. I ate my cottage cheese with Texas Pete (which is produced in Winston-Salem, NC, in case any of my Texan readers are wondering why they've never heard of it.) VLC mixed hers in with the fruit salad she brought: pineapple, watermelon, red grapes, and canteloupe, all fresh cut that morning and purchased from a fruit cart in Center City. I love the fruit cart! I ate my fruit as dessert. The meal was pretty high calorie, between how much cottage cheese I ate (280 calories worth!) and the nuts/seeds, but it was delicious and satisfying.

Last night, I got a call from my mom that she was feeling sick, so I ran out and bought her some cold medicine. While I was at the store, I picked up a salad with just spinach, romaine, a few grape tomatoes, some green peppers, and vinegar. When I came home I ate the salad and heated up some of my chicken broth and brewers yeast soup, without any added veggies. That plus my night time glass of red wine put me over target, at 1112 according to DWIDP, but the ON rocked, even now that I know that brewers yeast is not as perfect as I thought. Not quite 100% of everything, but very close, even on iron and calcium (that's the cottage cheese talking.) Good on protein. Without the brewers yeast, I would have been at target but missing out on a lot of nutrition. And check out these P:F:C ratios: 31:32:37. I feel so cool.

My college roommate commented last night that she never thought she'd see the day when I started eating meat products again. She was my roommate the year that I went vegetarian in the first place. We had a great off-campus apartment where we used to throw huge parties and make tons of food. We were famous for our dessert parties. Halfway through my senior year, I started dating this guy who was a vegetarian (Hi JZ!) and I converted to impress him. Later on, though, I read more about the health benefits of eating less meat, and converted for real. And then there was nine years of Ornish worshipping, until I discovered THE LIST. But I won't rehash my protein: fat: carb ratio identity crisis yet again here... for anyone who hasn't been following the blog for long, go back to July 27 and read "Priestess of the High Carb Darkness" and you'll have your daily dose of nutritional angst.

Today I'm at work, of course, where else would I be? But tonight I am having Very Skinny Mom over for dinner, and I am going to attempt to make Michael Rae's Zoned CR Friendly Pizza. I may have to make some modifications based on availability of ingredients, but it sounds so good!!! I love pizza, and I'd like to have some I could eat without compromising the whole rest of the day. I may serve it with a side order of broccoli though...

Meanwhile, have I mentioned that none of my clothes fit? The problem continues... I stopped by the DSW Shoe Warehouse last night to try to find a pair of high heeled boots to wear with pants, because unless I wear pretty significant heels, my pants all now drag the floor. Ick! Having lost so much weight, pants that used to sit near my waist are now looking like those low rise jeans that all the teenagers are wearing. Lucky for me that's the style, I guess, but of course they're that much longer. I couldn't find anything I liked, which was frustrating. Oh well, for now, I'm wearing an ancient pair of microfiber stiletto heel knee high boots that need to be taken to the shoe repair for a heel job. I must buy some new clothes before the conference, not that anyone there will really notice what I'm wearing, but I feel like if I'm always saying that we should be proud of how healthy we are and not hide being skinny in baggy clothes, I'd better model the behavior and show up in outfits that fit!

Gotta get back to work... I probably won't be able to blog on Monday, but I'll blog tomorrow before I leave.


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