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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Friday, October 29, 2004

I've Been Sailing Long Time on This Ocean

That's a line from Billy Joel's "Stormfront," a song I find myself listening to more and more as the week of Nov. 1 approaches... on Monday, I have an important election at work. On Tuesday, of course, the US presidential election. On Wednesday, I fly away to Charleston. Everything will be very stressful until then. I think the total package of stress made me overreact just a touch to the Brewers Yeast incident of yesterday, but I felt better after Very Supportive CR Brother talked me through how to use the DWIDP to find good sources of iron and zinc. As I've said many times, the support from my CR brothers and sisters really keeps me going.

Last night, I was kinda mad at the brewers yeast, and I also wanted to keep the salt low in an effort to see if that weight gain was water weight. (Sure enough it was... back down to 106 this morning.) My free range organic chicken broth is low sodium, but still has some salt in it. On my way home from the office I stopped at the produce store and before me was a vision of great beauty: bunches of tall, skinny asparagui, for $2.99. And we're talking a very generous bunch of very skinny asparagi. Very green little heads too. So I took them home, steamed them, and ate them with lemon herb olive oil (Williams Sonoma) and some fresh squeezed lemon juice. No salt, just a dash of salt-free garlic powder. That lemon evoo and fresh lemon and garlic asparagus dressing is so good... a great way to get my MUFA's without totally freaking out. I was still craving protein, having skipped the eggwhites at breakfast, so I scrambled up another cup, topped with a dash of salt-free tomato basil flavored Mrs. Dash instead of my usual mountains of salty spicy hot sauce. Then I checked the label on my almonds, and sure enough, there's no salt in them. So I ate my 175 calories worth of them (that's what the label says is 1/4 cup, though to be honest, I mentally count that much as 200 cals since 175 is lower than what I've read in other calorie counters.) I haven't done the meal yet on DWIDP... this morning is so busy that it's a miracle I am blogging at all... but I am wondering if I managed to have a Zone dinner. I had my glass of red, Walford sized, so the asparagus and wine are carbs, the eggwhites are 29 g protein, and then the nuts and olive oil for fat. I may have come out high on fat, actually. It was one of the most satisfying dinners I think I have ever had, and I felt happy and calm again, so much so that I got out my brewers yeast and reassured it that we would be back together tomorrow night. It's really not its fault that I misentered it in DWIDP.

I was on the phone with work calls until about 9 pm, and then went to bed, but woke up at 1 and stayed awake till 4:30 -- an unusually long insomnia attack, even for me. Of course, the cat loves it, because insomnia = petting. Lots of purring. Very good. I think with all the excitement of a very tough project at work, getting ready for the conference, and the ambient stress of everyone freaking out about the presidential election, it's a miracle that I am not much more stressed out. That's the CR Zen, working for me.

Today VLC and I are going to have lunch at my house. She picked up fruit salads at a Center City fruit stand this morning, and I have fat free cottage cheese. She is bringing some of her favorite nuts and seed mixtures, so now I can worry about Omega 6's. It will be nice to have a short break in what has already been a crazy day of running hither and thither.

Off to the hospital.


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