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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Mary's Right

I should be Zoning at home.

I am a little scared to do so at breakfast, because Tall MR and I observed that any carbs at all in my breakfast seem to set off an anxiety spike.

Dinner actually has 16 g protein in the brewers' yeast, and 2 in the chicken broth. So that's 18 total g protein -- not all that low. What dinner needs is fat, and now that I am bingeing on a Sherm's bingeing brownie (or is it spelled 'binging?') I am probably getting some fat.

Was just whining to MR on the phone. Tall MR, that is. Took a break from my M Prize calls to tell MR that I met an M Prize donor in Calgary. Nice fellow. Doesn't do CR though. So I was whining to Tall MR... something to the effect of, "Why do I have to remember when to take my supplements? Why don't you just appear and feed them to me?"

The princess strikes again.

The rest of my CR day wasn't bad -- ate a brewers yeast and veggie soup, for a total of 216. Then a glass of red wine.

Of course, once the Sherm's binging brownie for 200 was consumed, all bets were off.

There's a reason why them call them "binging brownies" you know.

Wow, they are so good.

Sherm -- you are an angel and a devil in one! You create and destroy -- there are so many nutrients, yet for us tiny girls, so many calories! And soooo delicious! Angel of temptation, packed with nuts, endive, cranberries, guava seeds! So alluring... yet so dangerous.

The brownie is a delight. But the megamuffin. I worship the megamuffin. If I had to choose between MR and the megamuffins, I would choose MR. But if I had to chose between most anyone else and the megamuffins, I would pick the megamuffins.

MR packed me off with some megamuffins to share with my mom and VLC. He also gave an autographed container of Essential Mix to VLC, which she was very excited about.

Oh, the megamuffin. Ordering sucralose so I can make them at home.

So today's calories:

825 + 200 + 216 + 84 + 20 (calcium supplement) = 1335


In my defense, I have been avoiding my giant restaurant eating extravaganzas. And I tend to fluctuate a lot in weight and hunger depending on where I am in the month. This is one of the hungrier times.

But still. 1335. At least it was all super healthy food. Cottage cheese, eggwhites, salads, black beans, tomatoes, Sherm baked goods, brewers yeast, etc.

For a normal person, this would be an insanely good day!

Not going to worry about it -- may stick to 1000 tomorrow though.

Philosophy later... no doubt eating the brownie, however nutritious and sweetened with sucralose, so late at night will trigger an insomnia attack. Then I'll be up and writing. Spend last night's insomnia writing to my M Prize brothers. Tonight you bloggiefriends will get the text.

Now I have to return to work...


  • At 12:54 PM, Blogger Mary Robinson said…

    It's interesting that a visit with MR has put you into "redesign" mode. You were so comfortable with your routine before. Now you are challenged to take things to a higher level of CR goodness. I have gone through several of these experiences myself. Without them you tend to relax a little. My allergy thing has had that effect on me. I am thinking now about not eating out hardly ever - I would eat a lot better if I didn't eat out. Also, MR's recent posts about purpose of CR are also inspiring. Maybe I will keep around 1100 - even though it's now making me lose weight again. I might be able to get the RDA (at least all but calcium) on 1000 if I ate at home. I had my body fat checked at a health fair the other day - and it was 29.5% - so I have some fat I can part with that's not really doing me any good.


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