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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Who You Calling Nutritionally Marginal?

Last night on the phone, MR was expressing concern re: how I'm eating so high protein on so few calories that I might be missing some important nutrients. "You're already nutritionally marginal," he said, "And not because you're eating badly, but because there just aren't that many calories there."

Well, I took that as a challenge. Check out today:

991 calories. P:F:C = 42:28:29 107 g protein.

62.5 cals eggwhites
20 cals flax oil
10 cals salsa
5 cals coffee

140 g skinless breast of chicken (baked in chardonnay, drained, topped with garlic powder and pepper)
salad of 100 g kale, 100 g romaine, arugula (not much, and it's very low calorie) 20 cals flax oil, 20 cals red pepper fat free salad dressing, red wine vinegar

Afternoon snack:
cafe au lait with skim (80 cals)

140 g chicken (free range organic again)
salad of 100 g kale and some arugula, with 119 cals olive oil (look at me, eating my oil like I'm supposed to!), 100 g bell pepper, red wine vinegar

interesting new drink, modeled on Mary's vodka and lime drink without the vodka:

Gin-less Gin and Tonic:
Diet tonic water (no calories) with juice of lime (5 cals) served cold over ice.

Over 100% of the RDA on everything, except:
85% calcium
75% copper
82% iron
93% thiamine
66% selenium
52% zinc

If I weren't out of brewers yeast, and were to replace some chicken with brewers yeast, you would get: 100% of everything, except
91% calcium
82% B12
80% zinc

VLC is picking up some brewers yeast for me to solve this problem.

Most of the RDA's are way, way over 100%, especially C and A which are about 700 - 800%.

So who you calling nutritionally marginal, eh?

At least this little incident inspired me to load my DWIDP onto my new computer. I dare any of you out there who think you are healthy eaters to turn in what you really ate today to me and I'll crunch it on my DWIDP (that's nutritional software, Dr. Walford's Interactive Diet Planner, available at
www.walford.com) We'll see who is nutritionally marginal. I get great nutrition on few calories cause guess what -- I don't eat junk!

Well, every once in awhile I do, because I still believe in having a nice treat at a good restaurant from time to time. But my basic everyday is pretty darned healthy.

And I'm taking my supplements at all the right time, which is easier now that I've posted my list, carefully constructed by MR, on my fridge held up by a magnet of the Calgary skyline that I picked up in the airport.

MR also suggested that I find some sweet potato leaves and amarynth (sp?) greens, as they are very nutrient dense veggies. He is the king of interesting vegetables. These lime leaf things he has are just delicious. Wow, I miss MR food.

Hi MR's mom! I think it's great that MR is commenting on my mom's blog and MR's mom is commenting on my blog.

Today I decided that I absolutely had to get out of my house, as I had been chained to my computer for so long that I was starting to think that we are one being. So I went to walk around the King of Prussia Mall. The spring fashions are uninspiring, but it was nice to be out and about.

Now back to work.


  • At 8:49 PM, Blogger Mary Robinson said…

    It's hard to do lot better than you are at 1000-ish calories and get MR levels of protein and do Zone! It's a linear programming problem. I am sure a diet can be constructed, but it would be monotonous. My strategy is to just get plenty of the antioxidants -like you do - and the supplement the Bs and the minerals - while getting as close as I can. If MR can come up with something better, I am interested.

    What does he do with lime leaves? Several stores here carry them. I know they're in my tom ka talay soup that I eat at Thai restaurants, but I was thinking of them as a flavoring thing, not an eating thing.


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