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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Did I make 800 on Wednesday?

Good morning all!

To answer the question about yougurt, it was not the unsweetened kind. It was Stoneyfield Farm raspberry, with fruit on the bottom. You definitely have to stir the bottom fruit in completely, else it tastes like plain yougurt. Ick!

I had dinner with mom last night. I stopped by this great grocery store near where I work and picked up salad veggies. I made a salad of romaine lettuce, chopped green peppers, and grape tomatoes. I ate my salad with a drip of cabernet vinegar, no oil or dressing. My mom put some light vinegarette onto her salad. I also picked up the store's freshly made taboleh salad, which my mom said was delicious but I didn't eat. I thought she would want more for dinner than I was having, and she mixed it into her salad happily. She also brough over a bottle of wine that she had puchased on her trip, and I regret to say that it was so delicous that I had three glasses. Walford says that a glass of white wine is 85 calories, so I had 255 calories in wine alone. This is not good. My salad was so sparse that I doubt it hit 50 calories, so chances are I still made my goal of 800 calories for the day. But I clearly should have gotten more calories from nutritious food and fewer from wine. The good news is I wasn't hungry, and I slept well.

I also had a conversation with my mom about CR after dinner. We've discussed CR on many occasions, and I think she's going to try it with me! She's so cute! She's 59 and thanks to a lifetime of staying out of the sun and her recent weight loss, she looks much younger. She's an excellent candidate for CR, as she has already been working on her eating habits and has never been a big eater of fried foods, sweets, etc.

Hoping to hit 800 today with more food and less wine. Shouldn't be a problem. Going out to lunch with a co-worker for a planning meeting. We always have a glass of wine when we have lunch, so I'll probably do that, but I probably won't eat dinner tonight so there will be no glass of wine with dinner.

I also walked four miles this morning before work. There's a gorgeous path into the little town where I live (just outside Philly) from my apartment, and I usually walk it 4-6 times a week in summer. There's a Starbucks in town, so I walk to Starbucks, get my iced coffee, and walk back. I used to think that I should be doing more strenuous exercise, but after reading the CR list, especially Michael Rae's posts, I am no longer worried about that. I do a little light weight lifting, just to keep cute and for bone health, and walking, but that's it.


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