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Monday, July 26, 2004

Fun with Tofu

I'm glad I had my fun with tofu last night because this morning I did some more searching of the CR Society archives and came up with some distinctly negative things about soy.  Oh well, I'll deal with that later. 

For now: made some very good food over the weekend, packed it up into tiny little containers (12 oz each) to take to work, and have been enjoying it all day.  So far for today:   1 cottage cheese (110), 12 oz of my tofu, tomato, green pepper stew that is 80 calories for each of the containers I packed (I have ones for today through Wednesday).  It includes seseme oil, which Sears said to eat, plus a little soy sauce and a little vegan vegetable broth.  I also created a funky green soup with a bunch of asparagus, a half a block of tofu, a little fresh dill, and some Imagine soy based broccoli soup, plus some garlic, all mixed up in the food processor.  It's very green and quite good.  I ate most of it (shared some with co-workers) and the total was 240 on the entire batch, so I think I ate around 200 calories of that.  Then I ate a 12 oz fruit salad of cherries, plums, strawberries and apricots.  Fruit is very calorie dense, so without my software (which I finally just sent email about because I ordered it almost two weeks agon and it's still not here!) I'm going to guess at 200.  So 585 so far for today?  I'm feeling rather stuffed, but I'm sure I'll be hungry again by tonight.

On Sunday I wasn't feeling quite well, so I didn't eat much.  I had a glass of tomato juice (100), about three bites of an eggwhite omlet with tomato, broccoli and onion (50 max, I barely ate any of it), four veggie dogs (180 total, 36 grams of protein, look, I had missed veggie dogs a lot, it was like a reunion), and 1/4 cup of my hazelnut pesto (right around 250 if I'm dividing the total by the portion right.)  Just about 580 total there, and I took an Emergen-C drink at 30 to see if it would make me feel better.  610 total.  I stayed out too late on Saturday night, ate nothing but a green salad, but shared in the pitcher of beer that the gang was drinking.  Though I stayed at target for that day, I felt really sick, no doubt as a result of a) drinking beer at all  b) replacing good nutrients with useless junk.  Lesson, again, learned.  Bear with me, I am going to make mistakes as I strive for perfection.  And if I were already doing everything right, the blog would be kinda boring, wouldn't it? 

On Saturday, before the going out disaster, I made a delicious tomato recipe that I want to share:

lots of yellow and red tomatoes
1/4 cup red onion
1 jalepeno pepper
the juice of one lime
salt to taste
1 tbsp olive oil

I sauteed the onion until translucent, then stirred in the jalepeno and let that sit awhile boiling, then added the tomatoes, which made a nice broth.  I let them simmer for quite awhile, then removed from heat and stirred in the lime juice.  It was very spicy but delicious!  And I got some good fats. 

I think my calorie drop has been too abrupt, and post reading The Albatross and _The Soy Zone_, I've decided to try going up to 900ish for a few days by adding more protein food and a spoonful of olive oil.  The olive oil itself is 120 if you eat the whole spoon full.  I don't particularly like it in salad dressing, so I might just down the whole spoon at once.  (note to Sam, who I know is reading this -- can you imagine in 1996 if someone had told me that I would someday eat a spoon full of olive oil?  All I got to say is that eating 800 cals a day is a hell of a lot easier than CS 201!)  I can also get good fats by eating any of my nut pestos, which are the most delicious food that a human being has ever made.  I think the feelings I'm having of tiredness plus a tiny touch of lightheadedness, combined with the quick weight drop, indicate that I'm pushing the calorie level too far down too fast.  This has to be gradual or else it won't work.  I don't want to be one of those dead rats who lost weight too fast. 

Oh, I've been drinking organic green tea every weekday afternoon, at first with a touch of Sweet and Low, now with nothing.  It keeps me warm in my over air-conditioned office.  I don't drink it as much at home because I can't seem to get it to turn out right iced, and my house is not over air-conditioned enough to make me drink hot tea in ninety degree heat.

I hope to have my software tomorrow.  My search of the archives led me to some disturbing posts that made me once again remember Walford's line, "You may eating better now than you ever have, but it may not be enough."  I don't want to continue making stupid mistakes, especially when so many people have already figured out the right way to do this (if only they could agree on anything!)  How funny that I have much less trouble staying at a low calorie level without much hunger (if you had as little lean body mass as I do you'd understand why) than getting the optimal nutrition.  I think it's because I am used to counting calories, and I can always just stop eating and do something else if I hit whatever my set target is.  But there's so much to learn and think about with getting all the right nutrients, and it's a major switch for me to try to get more protein and fat after years, I mean years, of serious intense fat phobia. 

I'm sorry to everyone I ever yelled at for putting olive oil in the collard greens, or tofu in the vegan sushi.  You were right.  I was wrong. 


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