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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Yes, it would be impossible to win that refrigerator magnet.

On my way home, sitting in traffic, I did the calculation myself (which I should have done before offering a magnet) and sure enough, the zonish ratios can not be done with that much protein on a diet of less than 1300ish calories.  Aha! 

And since calories calories calories are more important than anything else, I am not going to eat so much protein! 

Now I'll actually read the comments to see who figured that one out first. 

Just read the comments... Thanks, Willie and Fruitgirl!  I'll send you both refrigerator magnets!

Yeah, Willie got the calculation that 100 grams would be 400 calories from protein, which would be way too much to fit into such a low calorie diet.  It would also make Zonish ratios impossible. 

Fruitgirl, you're awesome!  What an amazing set of calculations.  Are you sure on the protein on the fruits and veggies, though?  They look high to me, but I haven't looked them up yet.  Still, how cool!  34 grams of protein from 1 cup of eggwhites? And eggwhites are really yummy.  Your ratios aren't as high fat as the Zone would ask for, but you're right on the protein number.  If I go down a touch on the protein, I could add in some MUFAs.  And total calories under 1000!  Have you run it through some nutritional software to check on the RDAs of everything else?  I am still waiting on my nutritional software.  Called the company... no answer. 

Here's what I think I'll try to aim for in the next little while:

850 calories seems do-able for me.  To hit Zonish protein numbers in percentage, it would be 30% of 850 = 255.  That's about 64 grams of protein.  I think I'm going to shoot for 65ish grams of protein per day.  That leaves me with room for MUFAs (30% fat would be 28 grams of fat, right?) and the rest carbs, pretty much all nutrient dense vegetables.  Let's see how that works out.  I am really enjoying designing my own diet here, though I am being driven mad by the absence of my long awaited software.

Last night went pretty well.  I decided at the last minute to have company for dinner, but dinnerguest was one of my CR friendly dinner guests, so I made a pretty CR friendly meal with just what was in the house.  I stir-steamed a bag of Trader Joes' Harvest Hodgepodge (red pepper, broccoli, onion, baby corn, waterchestnut, snap peas) in the wok in one tablespoon of seseme oil, added to it 50 calories worth of Trader Joes' Seseme, Lemon, Ginger dressing (made with some canola oil), poured in a few drops of soy sauce, and mixed two Morningstar Farms breakfast links into it.  Divided in half, it was 200 calories each.  And it was really, really good.  I commented "I would even serve this to normal people!" 

Then I went out to Fresh Fields to continue the search for more sources of protein.  I picked up another brand of cage free vegetarian fed eggs.  These have only 70 calories each and 6 grams of protein.  I also picked up two kinds of whey protein powder.  My search of the archives terminated at a pro-whey point, and it was on sale and seemed to give pretty good protein for your cals, so I just bought it.  Now I know that there's some evidence that whey makes you lose weight, but since I'm upping my fat, maintaining steady calories, and weight loss is not a QOL issue yet (though I may have to revisit the issue the day I have to abandon the aisles of Ann Taylor and Banana Republic and head on over to the Macy's Children's Dept.), I figured I'd give it a shot.  We'll see how this goes.  Am also thinking, after reading Fruitgirl's suggestions, that I should eat a lot of eggwhites.  I like eggwhites.  Makes me want to run out to the nearest diner and order and eggwhite omlet, though you never know what they cook those in.  Do eggwhites make you crazy?  Any crazier than the search for the perfect protein source? 

At Fresh Fields, I made the mistake of eating a sample of keifer cheese (did I spell that right?  My cat's name is Kieffer and I always get them confused) on a cracker.  I had never tasted above misspelled food product, so I wanted to try it.  Then I read the label.  I figure I blew 100 calories on that sample alone.  What a waste.  No more sampling!

I also had a glass of wine after dinner, four ounces, red, 85 cals.  So with 385 from the time I got home added to my 440 from before I left work, I was right on target at 825.  And feeling great!  Wish I had had more veggies instead of the sample, or even more wine (would have lasted longer) but I wasn't too hungry when I went to bed. 

This morning, I boiled up some 70 cal cage free eggs and ate one, 70 cals, 6 grams of protein.  When I got to work I ate a cottage cheese (110 cals, 11 grams of protein) so I am at 180 cals and 17 grams of protein so far today.  I have some good things in my lunch bag today, and I may supplement with some overpriced lettuce from the salad bar at the office cafeteria. 

When, oh when, will my software get here?  When it does, you will be the first to know about it. 


  • At 10:17 AM, Blogger DarkNancy said…

    Sampling kills me every time! I'd be going to shop for lunch items and then blow my whole calorie count for the lunch with samples! Now I just know to avoid them...

    And talk about "tickling the dragon"...!

  • At 11:38 AM, Blogger fruitgirl said…

    YOU are the awesome one!!! i am so inspired
    by your blogs and always look foreward to your

    you're helping me add protien beyond my usual
    beans, but im still pretty fat phobic. i did
    break down and get an evOliveOil spray can
    yesterday. ha, worked great on the stuck light

    for nutrition analysis i use fitday.com
    hope they are as reliable as im counting on.
    i don't trust their "calories burned" figures
    a bit. but i do believe fresh veggies have alot
    of protein and minerals. watermellon seeds are

  • At 12:32 AM, Blogger Willie said…

    You asked for vegetables...

    Well, think of vegetables as protein+minerals, of fruit as sugars+vitamins, of nuts as EFAs+antioxidants, and you will be well directed...

    For example: imagine lettuce, brocoli, cottage:
    lettuce: 18 kcal/1.5 g protein : 33% kcal from protein
    broccoli: 36 kcal/4.5 g protein : 50% kcal from protein
    cottage: 110 kcal/11 g protein : 40% kcal from protein
    As you can see, vegetables are good sources of protein. So, 300 grams of broccoli would be 108 kcal, with 13.5 grams of protein, more than 108 kcal of cottage, and it's full of vitamins, phytonutrients, fiber and virtually no fat (sure cotage are about 4% by weight, that is 32% fat by energy).

    Did you catch it ;-) ?

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