April's CR Diary

A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Friday, August 20, 2004


It's getting hot in Philly, over 90 today, and heat zaps my appetite. You know what I ate before I left the office... it added up to 250 calories counting the salad pretty liberally.

I stopped at the mall on the way home to meet a friend who was doing some dress shopping at Ann Taylor. We sat down at the Food Court, where I ate a delicious spinich salad with tomatoes, red onion, and sweet peppers. I love spinich, and since it's such a pain to wash at home so I try to eat it out as often as I can.

Fat free dressing, add maybe 30 cals for that (I like it, okay? I got my real fat later.) and the greens couldn't have been more than 50 if that.

So I got home, and knowing I needed protein, I scrambled up another cup of eggwhites. I really enjoy the physical process of scrambling the eggwhites. There's something compelling about lifting the cooked parts from the bottom of the non-stick pan. Not to mention grinding the pepper. So I ate that... 140 cals, 27 g protein. Finally my protein count is no longer in the high carb darkness days. I even ate olives to get some fat. So at most I was at 700 by this time.

Then I went over to look in on the cat of my mom, who is away this weekend. The cat was fine, I fed him, he's a beautiful, loving cat named Amber. She refers to him as my brother, and we do look a bit alike, both having red hair, until you notice that he's a cat and I'm a human. Anyway, by this time I was feeling a little hungry, having been in air conditioning long enough to lose that overheated feeling (though CR does make it easier to deal with heat... this time last year I would have just collapsed into a cold bath!) and I looked in mom's fridge and freezer. I have a blank check to eat whatever, and I regret to inform you that I made some bad decisions.

I ate: a Weight Watcher ice cream sandwich. 150 cals. Absolute junk. Serious comfort food for me. I grew up on Weight Watcher products, since my mom was very into WW when I was young. It was so cold and creamy and yummy.

Some more of those evil little Trader Joe's pretzels. Those things are clearly manufactured by Satan's little demons down in the baking ovens of hell.

I am sure I stayed under my cal target today in spite of such indiscretions simply because the heat had zapped my appetite for enough of the day that I hadn't eaten much earlier.

But this is the classic example of the difference between CR and CRON. You've got to get the right nutrition if you're going to reap the life extension benefits of CRON.

In closing, please allow me to quote Michael Rae to prove two opposing viewpoints:

"Any CR diet is better than any AL diet."

"Obviously, if you don't get the nutrients you need, you're going to kill yourself."

My point being, I stayed under calorie target today, and that's good, but tomorrow I'd better get my RDA's and then some, because this pretzel and Weight Watcher ice cream sandwich thing isn't going to cut it for a girl with serious life extension ambitions.


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