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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Finally Bought A Scale

Had a terrible scare on Friday... something that would have been distinctly unscary in my pre-CR days that is now a cause for panic. I love the upsidedown day nature of the CR experience! Everything is fine, don't worry.

So I went to drop off my cat's rent at my new apartment complex. They put his name on the lease. He has his own rent. Alas, he has no income of his own, so I am paying his rent. I stepped on the scale there (for some reason they have one in the rental office's bathroom) which I had stepped on about three weeks before. It showed that I had lost ten pounds! I thought, that is just not possible. My clothes feel a little loser but not that much, and with the Birthday Festival of 2004, there is no way that I would have lost so much weight. Losing that fast would be *very bad* from a CR perspective... lots of reasons why, read Dr. Walford's book. Anyway, I was sufficiently freaked out that I went to JC Penney after work and bought myself a scale.

Buying a scale as a thin girl is a weird experience. I couldn't find the right section of the store, so I looked for a salesperson. All salespeople were considerably overweight, and I felt self-conscious asking them where I would find a scale. Oh well. I bought a nice digital one, and discovered that though I had lost some weight (no longer the same weight as my two CR heroes... oh well. It was bound to happen. They're taller than I am.) it was quite within the acceptable range for the amount of time. Crisis averted.

Ate a big fish on Friday at lunch, didn't eat again for the rest of the day. Also ate rice and beans with the fish and drank some red sangria (wow that stuff is yummy! All junk calories though, ick) so no doubt reached and probably exceeded target in one meal.

On Saturday, I went jeans shopping with my friend Myrna Perez, who had decided to buy me cute designer jeans, the kind they taylor for you, for my 30th birthday (yes, the birthday goes on!) Wow, was it fun to shop for jeans! I love the pair I got, and we had a nice Indian dinner at a place called Cafe Spice. I ate a lot... we shared everything between us though so it was still less that I would have eaten in the old days. Lentil soup, saag paneer (did I spell that right?), shrimp and scallop appetizer, a little salad stuff that came along with it. I skipped the basmati rice. Had a lassi martini, which was a dramatically different experience than it had been the last time I went to this restaurant, before I stared CR. Wow, CR folks are cheap dates!

Today will be back in the CR groove. I noticed this am that the care that I take with my diet is almost directly proportional to the amount of time I spend searching the archives for info on this or that. There's one very old post that I may just print out and hang on my wall for the next phase of my CR development. It's enough to scare you out of having a bite of whatever you may have had a bite of.

CRON meetup yesterday was tons of fun!!! It was just me and Mark, who lives in the same town I do. It was so cool to talk with someone who actually *wants* to discuss CR! No doubt more of this would be a relief for my friends and family, who really can't stand it anymore. I gave him a jar of my pesto... can't wait to hear how he liked it!


  • At 2:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    okay, cough it up. how 'bout the name of the very old post ~ the suspense is killing me ;-D
    krm at patlwayers dot com


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