April's CR Diary

A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Never Believe It's Not So!

Great line from a great old song that I heard last night in the car. I was feeling exausted, had been up since 4 am, working since 6:30 am, barely had a break and still had hours of work calls to do from home. To make matters worse, I had eaten those killer jelly beans again! So I was feeling bad about that.

Then I heard this old song, it's called "It's Magic" by a band called Pilot, and you'd know it if you heard it. It was so cheerful that it really perked me up, and I jammed along till the end of the song sitting in my driveway, thinking that these little setbacks are just evidence that we're human, not causes for despair. Sometimes I feel too tired to work, but I work anyway, because I am dedicated and committed to helping nurses get some power at their workplaces, and so that eventually we can fix this messed up thing the US calls a health care system. And even though I sometimes eat the jelly beans, I'm committed to going right back to my healthy CRON diet. I finished out the night with an entire bag of brussels sprouts (at 45 calories per serving and six servings per bag, that's 225 calories of brussels sprouts, my friends. Wow. I love those little critters!) and an eggwhite scramble, plus some olives, for a total of 1005 calories for the day. Forwent (that's the past tense of forgo, right?) the four ounce glass of red wine, thinking I had already eaten enough carbs thanks to the evil jelly beans of hell. They're gone now, never to enter my house again.

Being committed to CRON is, upon reflection, a lot like being committed to my work as an organzier. It means living my life with the firm conviction that people can take action to change their lives for the better, and see real results. In my work, I see the tangible, beautiful results every day, as nurses make improvements in their workplaces. In CRON, I see the improvements in my health every day. Both require extraordinary committment, and both are weird ways to live, requiring discipline, committment, and sacrifice, but these days I can't imagine doing without either.

Today I've had a great day so far. Walked four miles, drank iced coffee (nothing in it, I like it that way and did even before CRON) drank whey shake for breakfast, and ate some gorgeous yellow tomatoes with champagne walnut vinegar and 120 calories worth of lemon herb olive oil on top. I'll have a salad, some broccoli, and a scramble later. Still working on the quest for calcium and iron.

Gotta run... busy day, but I wanted to say hi to you.


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