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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Short Skirt, Long Jacket

My favorite song by Cake, and also an accurate description of the new size two seafoam green dress and jacket suit I am wearing today. Not too short, of course. Demurely work appropriate, as you would expect.

Big meetings tonight, and alas, no vegetable tray. "Cookie break" is the "food"... of course I would not even recognize that as food these days. Perhaps VLC and I will raid an unattended vegetable tray in someone else's meeting.

Yesterday was okay, though I continued to feel under the weather and skipped my usual four mile walk. It's been so hot here! I did get some work done on the apartment in addition to packing up all of my food for the week. I've found that the week goes more smoothly if I pack all my veggies in advance. Little tiny tupperwares!

Eating wise, it was a good, though light day. Glass of skim milk, cottage cheese, eggwhite scramble, salad with romaine, grape tomatoes, and scallions, yellow tomatoes drizzled with lemon herb olive oil and champagne walnut vinegar, and two leftover crostinis with goat cheese from Audrey Claire the night before. Don't laugh, but I ate more asparagus! They're just so adoreable! But I didn't see the water weight loss, probably because my salt intake was normal. Weight holding exactly steady, which is comforting. I also took an Emergen-C packet, and drank quite a bit of water with unsweetened cranberry juice mixed in. I probably drank close to 3 liters of water yesterday. It's just so hot outside that dehydration can happen in one trip to the trash dumpster. It's supposed to get cooler tonight, and we're supposed to be hit with yet another torrential downpour. I have this theory about how gas prices in New Jersey are directly proportional to the amount of rain we get in the summer. Just look at 1999 -- terrible drought, gas was $0.99/gallon. This year -- torrential downpours five days out of seven, gas prices sky high. Has anyone else noticed this?

This is why I'm not a scientist. I see causation where there is merely coincidence.

Today is back to work, and crazy day at work. Meetings tonight at 4:30p and 7:30p.

I am thinking of some changes in my diet to try to do better on the RDA's, especially now that my hunger is so low that I'm not worried about going over calories. If anything, I have to focus to not go under.

For one, I am now out of my whey powder, and I think I'll give it up in favor of three glasses of skim milk. The reasons are as follows:

-- Three glasses of skim milk = 90% RDA for calcium, and 24 g protein.
-- That's almost as much protein for just 80 calories more than the whey shake.
-- I'm doing much better on protein but not on calcium.
-- I've read that whey speeds weight loss, which was less of an issue twenty pounds ago but is now a *very bad thing*.
-- There may be just as much whey in skim milk as in whey powder, but it seems unlikely, and I'll still get more calcium.
-- I don't like the whey powder.
-- The whey powder makes my cat sneeze.

I've got to somehow attack this iron thing. Got some helpful advice on how to use my software to solve these mysteries. Thanks!

Back to the races... more tomorrow.


  • At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey april,
    does your daily multi have iron? don't forget about the dwidp search for, e.g., foods highest in iron, which would provide (hopefully) plenty of ideas on what to add to your regimen for extra iron.
    how considerate of you to think of your kitty's sneeze fits ;)
    Hmm, how fortuitous ~ on your upping of skim milk intake. i just heard today that the fda (or someone in the gvt i think) just upped the recommended milk intake by 50% (i think).
    Btw, ‘hate to break it to yah but the part of the whey that causes weight loss is the dairy-derived calcium iirc! the crs archives seem to say that calcium revs the metabolism if you're over, e.g., 130% rda (my guess) and that, moreover, additionally, furthermore (pregnant pause), dairy calcium reeeally speeds it up as compared to regular calcium. See:
    calorierestriction.org/post/?a=ind0406&p=R9552 by yours truly. thus, you may want to consider keeping some or most of the skim milk and maybe supplementing with “jarrow's bone up” calcium supp or a calcium supp by the company mr works for “www.aor.ca” to boot!
    i should prob apologize for all of the shorthand and acronym usage in this comment. i’ll try to do better next time ;)
    have a great one and, yes, i had my asparagi today. ‘muched them lil' boogers right on down which is the case for me at every meal (seriously—aren’t i the lucky one).
    adios, kenton

  • At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Poor sneezing kitty. Is her name Karen? I forget.

  • At 5:20 PM, Blogger Mary Robinson said…

    April - The iron is going to be your holy grail. You can keep looking, but you won't really find it if you don't eat red meat. Spinach and some other green veggies have a bunch, but it's not supposed to be as easily absorbed in that form. Go for a supplement. Even though I tend to get 10mg a day of iron from high quality source, I still take a 28mg supplement avery other day on average. Take it with a low calcium meal along with some extra Vitamin C. Take it from me, us girls need it. My fingernails were a mess before I took it. Plus it made a big difference in energy level. My blood still tests on the low range of normal even with the supplement.


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