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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

You Eat What You Read

I had actually had this title in my head for awhile, since it is evident to anyone who has been following the progress of my diet on the blog that I have changed a lot in response to the stuff I've read, especially in the CR Society archives.

But last night, I got a new perspective on the topic.

I woke in the middle of the night to find my cat happily shredding and devouring several pages of Dr. Walford's _The Beyond 120 Years Diet_.

I first learned that my cat likes to eat paper a month or so ago when I fell asleep while reading the Albatross (not because of the content, just because I read in bed when I'm really too exhausted to be reading, so if I'm reading something light that doesn't wake me when I drop it, I sometimes fall asleep with the lights on and the book in the bed.) I woke at about 2:30 am to the sound of my cat chewing up page 23 of the 33 page printout.

I suppose I can now say, "My cat ate my copy of the Albatross." And mean it, literally. I do not plan to use this as an excuse on days when I fail to get my appropriate amounts of protein and fat.

So I reprinted the damaged pages, finished reading the doucment, and resolved to move the books to the shelves before falling asleep in future.

But last night I failed in this quest, only to discover that if my cat liked the Albatross, she loves Walford. She ate several pages before I recovered from my sleepiness, shock and horror long enough to stop her and move the book to the shelf.

So anyway...

Yesterday was a pretty good day. When you last tuned in, I had eaten most of my protein in the eggwhite scramble, whey shake, the two combined come to 300 calories and 57 g protein. I had also eaten 200 calories of tomatoes drizzled with champagne walnut vinegar and lemon herb olive oil. 80 in the tomatoes, 120 in an entire tablespoon of olive oil. (Look at me, eating fat, pet me on the head!)

The rest of the day included:

90 calories in cottage cheese -- 11 g protein
90 calories worth of broccoli
25 calories of collard greens
85 calorie four ounce glass of red wine
100 calories of olives

Total: 890

A little low, but Mary had a low day too so I think there's something in the air. I was not hungry at all, or else I would have eaten. I think that eating more fat makes me more satisfied. Once you've eaten sixteen olives, you feel like you've had a big treat. And I actually like the really good olive oil. I think I may buy some of the kind from France that they have at my wine store. It's super expensive but it is so amazingly yummy. I've had samples.

I got to do some CR evengelizing last night. I went to a meeting with a group of nurses I worked with a ton last year but hadn't seen much of lately. They all noticed that I'd lost weight, so the usual conversation ensued: "Are you doing Weight Watchers? South Beach?"

I launched into my "CR isn't about weight loss, it's about slowing aging. Weight loss is a side effect," speech. Some of the nurses were familliar with the animal studies, and had even heard about humans doing it. The obligatory, "Don't get anorexic on us," was uttered. I've found that lately, I turn comments about anorexia into an opportunity to market Dr. Walford's nutritional software. I talk about how closely I monitor my nutrition, and how much fun it is to play with the software. I gave out the CRS website and the Walford one to one of the nurses who was very interested. She's been a nurse for 30 years and looks much younger than she is... she was on a billboard that we did during a contract campaign, and lots of people thought she was a model, not a real nurse! I hope she'll check out the websites.

Today has been upside down because my apartment complex decided for some reason to turn off our water. Luckily, I had already showered. But I didn't want to make my whey shake and then not be able to do the dishes, so I'll have to make the shake later in the day. I'm on my way now to Fresh Fields to read the labels on nutritional yeast and Bragg's liquid aminos, at the suggestion of VLC. Thanks to all for your suggestions on the iron, copper and zinc score. I'll let you know how it goes!


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