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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Will Resveratrol Make the Carpet Live Longer Too?

My first official act in my new apartment was to spill red wine on the white carpet. I had just crashed in bed (well, on a palate of blankets on the floor... bed hadn't been moved yet) with a book and a glass of wine on Thursday night when I spilled quite a few drops on the lovely white carpet. I think I got about 85 calories worth and the carpet got about 15. Perhaps I should keep a running total of the number of calories my carpet eats.

Eating was nutty on Friday with the movers coming and all. I ate a cup of yougurt (100 cals, 8 g protein, 20% RDA calcium), 200 cals of grape nuts, later once the stuff was in the new apartment: a salad of spinach, tomato, red onion, celery, vinegar, about 100 of cottage cheese, and a hard boiled egg, all from the salad bar at the corner grocery store. I also indulged in some ju ju bee candies, about 50 cals worth. I had already accepted an invitation to go to yet another Fringe Festival show with my buddies, so though I was exhausted and just wanted to be very very still for a long long time, I got dressed (meaning changed out of my shorts and t-shirt that I had been wearing while carrying boxes and an angry cat) and went into Center City.

We got there a little early and the friend who gave me a ride into town was hungry, so we walked around in search of a snack. We found an art opening that was free to the public, so we stopped in, had a glass of wine (free!) and looked at art. I love art, so this was fun for me. I made the mistake of trying the appetizers, and ate dinner there. Two pieces of cheese, crackers, vegetables off the vegetable tray, some olive tapenade, guacamole on chips, and a cracker with weird salsa like dip. I was so hungry after all the physical activity of carrying boxes all day. Not sure on the calories... could have been over target but not by much. It's dangerous to eat even a bite when I'm really hungry and my good CRON food isn't close at hand. It's easy to go over target and still feel like I'm missing something.

The show was great... about gay fundamentalist Christians struggling with their sexual identity. Wow! My favorite part was the two skinny actors, one with red hair and glasses, the other with brown hair and glasses, yelling scripture quotations angrily at each other from opposite ends of the stage.

Then we went to this bar in Philly that's supposed to be really hip, and I had a drink called a Squirt that was cherry and vodka something. Chatted a bit about CR... my friend the biostatistician was somewhat interested. My friend the reporter, aka "The guy who told me that Jim McGreevey had a gorgeous Israeli lover over a year ago," was out of town, so we went with these people I hadn't met before, a singer and his wife. The statistician asked me some questions about CR so I blathered on happily for awhile, but didn't want to go on forever, in case he was just being polite by asking. I can't wait for the CRS conference... finally, to talk to other people who bore their friends to death with chatter of CR! I wonder if it will be like the nerd camp I went to the summer after seventh grade... the one at Duke that you had to take the SAT to get in to. I remember how sad everyone was when it was over... we had so much fun hanging out with our own kind!

Made it an early night as was exhausted, got to bed by 10:30.

Today I had to go to a fitting for my best friend's wedding dress... I am the Maid of Honor in March. I tried on some bridesmaid's dresses, and all of the sample sizes literally fell off me as I no longer have the hips to hold up a dress made for the average American woman. Went back to the old place to clean, then treated myself to a much deserved manicure and pedicure.

Fasted all day because I had plans to go out for a celebration dinner tonight to this amazing Lebanese restaurant in my new neighborhood, so I wanted to save all 1000 calories for dinner. It was worth it! I ate: stuffed grape leaves, baba ganoush (sp???) with pita, lentil soup, and a bite of a Talapia entree that I didn't like. Yum yum yum! Sometimes it really works for me to eat five small meals, sometimes it works to eat one. Just depends on the circumstance... being flexible makes it easier for me to hit a good weekly calorie average even on these crazy weeks!

I'm off to sleep early tonight... totally exhausted from the move, and back to the craziness on Monday!


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