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Monday, October 04, 2004

Is Drinking My Own Blood a Good Source of Iron?

I just came from negotiations where we had a lunch break and went down to the hotel restaurant. As I was taking a sip of my water, I cut my finger on a shard of broken glass from the side of the water glass! Ouch! It was rather deep. The room full of nurses suggested I wash it and put a band aid on it, which I did. The restaurant gave me my meal for free, which didn't amount to much since I had a salad. I did put some antibiotic ointment on it and it's safely wrapped in a rather sophisticated bendable finger band aid. I doubt that I drank my own blood, but it seemed like a good headline.

Today is another crazy day... out the door early (after feeding Amber, who was cutely looking out the sliding glass door when I came over), then to the office, then to negotiations, then drove over to a radio station to record a radio ad about our safe staffing legislation, now back at the office, soon to pick up old friend/boss whom I haven't seen in 25 pounds (that's 1.25 Kieffers!) for an early dinner, then possibly back to negotiations, which could go all night. Then tomorrow driving two hours to Harrisburg for a march in support of the legislation.

This morning I had my eggwhites, and I can really tell the difference in how I feel. For lunch, along with my finger, I had a salad of romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, a few slices of beet, and some cucumber, topped with vinegar only. There weren't a lot of choices, and I wasn't all that hungry. Got an iced latte with skim on my way back to the office... a little calcium and protein there anyway. Have no idea where I'm eating tonight with old friend... most of my favorite places seem to be closed on Monday.

Yesterday was okay: was out of eggwhites, so ate yogurt concoction for breakfast along with about 200 cals of leftover green olive tapenade. Had an iced latte in the afternoon. Was at work from about 2 pm until 9 pm, so ate nothing during that time. Then I went to the grocery store around the corner to pick up some stockings and a salad, and the salad bar was closed! I was so sad! So I picked up one of those pre-washed lettuce packs... then they had no stockings in my size! I was thinking: If I were fat, I would eat the pre-packaged junk food and buy bigger stockings, but no, I am thin, so I can't find stockings! Annoying!!!

After leaving the grocery store with lettuce and stockings that were a size too big, I went over to my little brother's house (Amber, the cat) to have my dinner, and ate the lettuce with some of my mom's fat free soy seseme dressing (40 cals) and about 200 cals worth of the red pepper hummus she had in the fridge. I just ate it off a spoon, as I didn't feel like blowing calories on crackers or anything like that. Then I went home and had a Walford sized glass of wine while reading an article I've been meaning to read for like a week now, also had another bite of tapenade, maybe 100 cals. The entire day came up to right around 900 cals, and not great on protein but decent on calcium thanks to the skim and the yogurt, and quite good on fat. If only I could get all these elements working in the same day...

I have no idea when I'll be able to blog again, but thanks to all for the words of encouragement... keep us safe in the air, Dani! Tell the fishies we said hi, Kenton! Hello in Germany, Very Skinny Mom who is giving a paper at a conference over there! And about the drinking your own blood... don't try that at home.


  • At 1:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    All Whites in the Fridge
    Feel free to eat the All Whites from my fridge. Amber might like some. VSM


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