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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Bread Machine Doesn't Want to Go to Scranton

Anyone who has been following the blog for awhile knows that I'm pretty good about blogging every day, and if I know I'm going to be away, I warn you, so that you won't be waiting around on pins and needles, wondering if I managed to avoid high carb crap for another day.

So you may have been concerned when a) I did not blog b) you heard about the hurricane generating serious storms in Philadelphia.

Actually, that level of attention to detail would be more than I would expect of my readers... except for family members who are too busy dealing with the hurricanes pelting them in Florida to check the blog. But if you were worried, I apologize.

The hurricane got us bad yesterday. I had taken the day off from work to move the remaining stuff (did I mention that the first set of movers left a ton of stuff in the old apartment? Long story.) The movers got to my old place at about four, running late because it was raining cats and dogs. They loaded up the stuff, and took some stuff over to my mother's office at Drexel. One thing that has made the move confusing is that my mom and I have exchanged a lot of furniture, so things were going from my place to her place, from my place to her office, etc. She moved to a bigger place and I moved to a smaller one (one bedroom instead of two, which I don't really need) so she took a lot of our stuff. We live in the same town... after living across the country from each other for twelve years, we decided that we like being close together, so she got a job near me, and now we can happily exchange vegetables and watch each others cats. I really enjoy living in a very sparsely furnished environment, so I was happy to be rid of many objects. So anyway, the movers set out, my mom set out to meet them at her office, they unloaded there, I sat in traffic for two hours due to flooding, and the poor movers sat in traffic for FOUR hours! Poor dears. The expressway, I - 76, was finally closed, so I had to direct both my mom and the movers through back roads. I had to call a friend for help with some of it, even though I'm very good with ways around Schukyll traffic (two years of the darned expressway and I'm still not sure how to spell it). My plan was to go by the grocery store, grab some veggies to steam up for me and my mom, and order pizzas for the movers. But the traffic was so bad even in my little town that going to the grocery store was impossible. Meanwhile, the pizza place wasn't delivering, so I stopped by (it is right across the road from my apartment) and picked up two large pizzas and some sodas for the guys. The only thing they had that was remotely edible for me was a garden salad, so I ordered it, took the food home, lit all my pumpkin scented Halloween candles, and waited for the poor movers to show up.

Eventually, I fed them, they were very happy, and we gave them huge tips. AL guys can eat a lot! I guess that's good, since you need someone to move your heavy stuff. All I had eaten so far that day was:

eggwhite scramble 140
yogurt with red pepper concoction 180 (no cucumber, too watery)
iced latte with skim (80, check out protein and calcium)
some spinach leaves with 120 of olive oil and vinegar

So I was really hungry! I ate my garden salad with 120 of olive oil and some vinegar. Eventually, while they were moving, I ate a slice of pizza. Walford is saying that a slice of pizza with cheese is only 140, but I was assuming it was at least 250. Anyway, not the best of all possible choices, but I had almost no food in the house, having planned on going to the grocery store. At least the day was good on protein, calcium, and olive oil. Gotta deal with the flax oil question. MR says to eat it with balsamic vinegar as a salad dressing. Now I have to go get some balsamic vinegar, which I would have happily done had I been able to get to the store.

Last night was also a two glass of red wine night, Walford sized, (85 cals), one while I was waiting for the movers to show up and then one with my mom afterwards. The entire day is coming in at 1080 if you count the slice of pizza as 250. I just can't believe it would be less. Perhaps it was more. Thoughts? I'll look it up in some other databases when I have more time.

Meanwhile, this morning I had to go over to my mother's house to unload some stuff from my car that belonged to her. She has temporary custody of our bread machine... I don't see myself making too much bread, in these days of eating very few grains, but it would still be a fun thing to do when non-CR company is coming over. I am finding that throwing a CR friendly meal over bread, pasta or rice is a great way to deal with the AL of the world. But it doesn't stop me from mentally planning amazing dinner parties for all my CR friends! Imagine... a dinner party with no grains! Anyway, this afternoon I am driving to Scranton with the secretary/treasurer of my union, known to my cat as "Aunt Patty." She's awesome and gave me the inspiration for my yogurt concoction with one of her delicious plain yogurt and dill cucumber salads. Hence today's title... I had to get the bread machine, etc. out of the car so that Patty could fit in the car. The Geo Prizm is small, but I love it because it gets great gas mileage.

So I'm sorry I didn't blog yesterday but I hope my dedicated readers will forgive me, since I was stuck in a hurricane until 10:30 pm, and as all are aware, I have no internet access at home.

The day before was good. You read about what I ate at work, and then for dinner I had a spinach salad with tomatoes and an olive oil and vinegar dressing, 1 tablespoon for about 120 calories. Back to my traditional Walford sized glass of red wine. It's my big high carb indulgence, please be patient with me. Maybe once AOR ships its resveratrol supplement I'll mend my ways.

And I know, the pizza was stupid. I need to keep emergency food in my house for severe weather. I'll get to work on that.

More soon.


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