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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Hey Brittney! You Say You Wanna Lose Control

I can not possibly be blamed for the fact that every time I think about the Zone, I get that Madonna and Brittney Spears song in my head, the one that talks about getting in the zone. Especially since Madonna herself was in the Zone for quite awhile. Remember that era? So I've been singing that song in my head since yesterday when I accidentally mixed a Zone friendly snack.

Last night's dinner was amazing... I'm so sad Mary couldn't make it in from DC. Sounds like her husband cooked a fabulous family lunch though!

I absolutely adore my gas stove. I had never had one before, and it really changes what I can do in the kitchen. I minced two giant cloves of garlic, sauteed them in a tablespoon of garlic olive oil, then added three small diced red peppers and sauteed them, adding another tbsp olive oil so that they got very soft and floppy. Then I added a pint of grape tomatoes, sizzling them until many of them popped, creating a nice juicy broth. One more tbsp olive oil. Finally, I added the asparagi, chopped into bite sized pieces, and stirred them up with a dash of salt and pepper and some of this Mrs. Dash tomato basil garlic no salt spice mix. My dinner company was running late, so I got to stir the veggies a very long time, which I think added to their flavor. I served them over a bed of fresh spinach, and the hot vegetables just lightly steamed the spinach on their way to the table. Serving hot vegetables on a bed of greens is a great way to make an ordinary CR dinner seem fancy. It is also something you could do when you're having non-CR company over and want to serve their food over rice or pasta but want to have yours on something CR friendly. On the side I served a half cup of eggwhites for each of us and some fresh steamed brussels sprouts. The dinner was a little too low in protein to be in the Zone, but it had 230 calories of olive oil per person. The rest of the dinner: 90 on the tomatoes, about 90 total on the red pepper (they were small), about 50 in the asparagi, maybe 10 each on the spinach, about 30 on the sprouts. Add that up and divide it by two: 120, plus 70 cals of eggwhites. 420 calories per person at dinner, most of it oil.

I may be going overboard on this fat thing... I am feeling a touch of panic. But when I do the numbers, the 230 in the dinner oil plus the 60 in the teaspoon of olive oil dressing I mixed into my yogurt earlier in the day is still just under the approx 300 cals I should be getting from fat if I'm going to get Zonish ratios out of 1000. This may still just be a pipe dream, but I made an effort. Of course, my total cals for the day were low, due to the previous evening's indulgence. No glass of wine, but I did have two soothing cups of peppermint herbal tea. Celestial Seasonings, reminds me of my childhood.

I also decorated my apartment for Halloween. Ornamental gourds, mini pumpkins, a spooky cat candle with green eyes that light up, little floating pumpkin scented candles floating in a pumpkin shaped bowl from Williams Sonoma (product placement, and thanks Dad and Marianne for the bowl!) The only thing that's missing is that I need to hang my purple bat lights, but I need the help of a tall person to do that, and my tall people weren't available. The apartment is way cute and pumpkin scented now. It's almost time to make my world famous pumpkin soup!

Today I have packed: eggwhite scramble (I really wasn't hungry this morning -- still stuffed from last night's ultra-satisfying meal), plain non-fat yogurt with red peppper and cucumber chopped into it, seasoned with fresh lemon juice and a dash of garlic powder, and some more olive oil dressing to put on my lunch time greens. I stupidly ran out the door without my spinach, so romaine from the cafeteria will have to do for lunch. No doubt I was being stupid because I didn't eat breakfast. If I eat my eggwhites, yogurt, and greens with olive oil dressing, I will be about in the Zone for lunch (I think). Maybe I'll try it. That's a lot of food for one meal though, and a lot of protein to absorb at once, though no more I suppose than the morning eggwhites plus skim milk combo I ate most of last week.

Will she stay in the Zone? Will she be attacked by a flying bagel? Tune in next time to find out.


  • At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    how ‘bout Britney’s new hubby?!??
    That Kevin Federline dude is SKINNY ~ he’s my “low BMI” hero.

    * * *
    Wew hooooo!
    Congrats on the b i g six month CR-anniversary.

    BTW, I'm not 100% vegan. For the past year, I've been “living off the land" (eating out) about once a week, and I always eat meat when I eat out. While disdaining the killing of animals for food, especially in the context of current animal farming practices, the dietary-diversity impetus is IMO worth a little culinary carnivorous compromising :0)

    Also, you mentioned green tea ~ I drink 5-7 cups worth per day & absolutely adore the stuff...but watch out for excess Fluoride & Al, and for iron-blocking issues! (‘stories for another day, or, eh, blog.)

    Re high-carbing it in N.Y., the calorie hit’s no biggie but watch out for the glucose spike.
    An EASY fix, however, is to sneak a little Glucomannan or other glucose-spike smoother (e.g., Metamucil) down with a little water before chowing, for Herculean blood control...with a little practice (which I have NOT).

    What kind of brewers yeast did you get? My favorite tasting, by a long shot, is Gaylord Hauser ~ it's mmm, mmmm delicious sprinkled over a creamy, non-sweetened yogurt which combination for me tastes like cheesecake ~ what’s not to like about that :-) (-; however, I think Lewis Labs & Solgers are among the two top brands on the list. late! kenton

  • At 5:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We cook a lot with olive oil. It's really tricky to figure out how much you are actually eating. Some can be left in the pan, on any paper towels you drain on, and on your plate.

    Your 3 tablespoons would be a lot for us if added to a sauce. Most of our dishes would be more like 1/3 as much. We do saute a lot in olive oil. This can be a thin layer - for instance for eggs or meat. Or just a few drops, with chopped peppers and onion. We put a 1/4 inch in the pan for making our own tostadas out of corn tortillas.

    This is the most interesting one to figure out. The uncooked tortilla weighs 28g. The crisp one weighs 18g, with lots less water and added oil. But, lots of the oil is soaked up by paper towels, and only some is left. My guess is about 3g.

    Every now and then we do the Greek thing with bread and olive oil. A very luxurious treat - which requires a lot of self control to eat in small amounts.


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