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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Iced Latte: It's What's for Lunch!

I have blogged a lot recently about having a stressful job, and while it's stressful, I love it and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

One of the elements of the job that make it stressful is that it's very on-call: you have to be prepared to go anywhere, anytime, for however long. Now we do our best to help each other out: for example, VLC has stated that she will act as my body double at work if necessary for the length of the CRS Conference if necessary, just so that I can go no matter what. But on a normal day, you just assume that you could be working till the cows come home.

Yesterday turned into one of those running all over creation in my car days, the kind where no matter how well you had planned, you can't do what you planned to. Thank God, or whomever, I had eaten my eggwhite breakfast, because I didn't get lunch. All I had time to stop for on the road was an iced latte with skim (a little calcium and protein there). By the time I got back to the office shortly before 4, I was starving, and a little shaky, but I hadn't packed any food since I had figured either the gang would go out for lunch or I would pick up a salad in the cafeteria. Luckily, I had left some old cup-a-soup type things, the whole foods kinds that aren't absolutely terrible, in the kitchen cabinet, so I ate vegetable minestrone for 160 calories and more sodium than you could shake a stick at. It kept me from falling over.

Eventually I figured I could take my remaining work home with me, so I packed up and went home, fed the giant cat, and ate a pint of grape tomatoes (90). Feeling better, I continued with my work (all phone calls) for a couple of hours. Finally, I took a break and walked up to the grocery store to pick up some things.

It's a short walk, and I was wearing light colors, but on the way back, a guy actually hit me with his car! The light was on my side, but he was making a right turn and he seems not to have noticed the pedestrian. Can you believe that? I was almost on the other side of his car when he just started going! He only hit my hand and I wasn't in the slightest bit hurt, but it was terrifying, especially since I saw that woman get hit by a car back in the end of July. The guy behind him stopped to make sure I was okay, which was really nice.

I'm fine and all, but between that, the stress of the day, and being really hungry from having my eating schedule thrown way way off, I ended up eating unwisely. I was making a sundried tomato goat cheese spread for a dinner party I'm hosting tonight for the non-CR'd, and I unwisely took a bite. Ended up eating 3 ounces of goat cheese mixed with at least 200 calories of sundried tomatoes in olive oil. That's a lot of calories. It also unfortunately made me feel sick, so that by the time my mother came over after her class for the dinner of beautiful purple cauliflower that we had planned, I wasn't able to eat. Good example of how sub-optimal nutrition can crowd out the optimal. She enjoyed her cauliflower, stirfried with tomatoes and red pepper in olive oil with a dash of South Jersey Road Kill Sauce. I'll eat some of it later.

Today I am running all over creation again... errands, work work work, and hosting a dinner party tonight. I'll blog tomorrow about the dinner party food. I have a strategy for serving myself CR food and the non-CR'd non-CR food.


  • At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The Okinawans, our long-lived Japanese-Islander heros, average about 7gm sodium/day, and the Japanese in general average about 12g sodium/day.
    Now, that ~2g sodium from the minestrone soup is right at 100% RDA of sodium -- not even enough to cause water retention, dear ;-D

    ..and for the goat cheese, while high in saturated fat, perhaps as a result of being dairy derived it actually carries a bit of broad-spectrum nutrition according to DWIDP.

    As surmised, however, you definitely could stand to pack a little more nutrition into your diet on those hectic days -- at least to reach the "adequate nutrition" level. hmm, I prob would have taken @ least a half gram calcium and a multivitamin, half in the AM & half in the PM, and popped 2-3 oz of that purple cauliflower, straight-up (no OO), to round off the day
    -- 'worth the calories IMHO.

    'pet on the head for the olive oil fats
    (supportive GRIN)!


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