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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Cottage Cheese Angst and the Distinct Possibility That I Have Fallen In Love With Raw Kale

A few weeks ago I went with my mother to BJ's, one of those giant wholesale stores like Costco. To thank me for carrying things for her, she got me a whole bunch of groceries. One of the things I got was a giant vat of cottage cheese in a different brand from my usual Light and Lively Lowfat. This brand was only 110 calories per cup (as opposed to 160 in my usual) but had less protein and calcium. And it tasted so much better! I loved it! But I can't find it in my own market. So I've been experimenting with other kinds of cottage cheese. Most are similar in calories to my Light and Lively, but have 16% of the RDA of calcium per cup instead of 40%. A serious difference, worthy of eating cottage cheese that I like only slightly less. However, MR pointed out that the Light and Lively is fortified with calcium, and therefore, no better really than supplements. So I must ask him: should I continue to eat the Light and Lively, or is it just as good to eat the other stuff and perhaps supplement more? I still do pretty well on calcium. I will let you know what he says.

Meanwhile, I love raw kale. Kale is the serious woman's green. Is it no pathetic, wilty, lame lettuce served on salads to dieters in the late 1970's. It is so far from iceberg lettuce that one hesitates to call iceberg a "green." Raw kale is tough, chewy, calcium filled and delicious. I adore it with a bit of flax and olive oil, finished off with red wine vinegar and fresh ground pepper. Yummy!!! Of course, nothing can compare with MR's breakfast salad, in which raw kale is only one of many exquisite greens. But here in the real world, where we must occasionally return between trips to the all inclusive CR spa and resort, a plate of 100 g of raw kale really hits the spot. I was wondering about the bioavailability of its calcium. So of course I did an archive search. MR says it's the most calcium filled of greens, but I didn't get far enough to determine whether or not it is as bioavailable as all that. It totally rocks out my calcium when I enter it on my software. But is that all being absorbed? Is it a good source? Should I just ask him? Or will he tell me to pretend I'm still just admiring him from afar and spend the night searching the CR Society archives?

Last night was delicous... a baked feta appetizer, sweet potato soup, scallop entree, and a heavenly red wine. We skipped dessert but went out to a really fun bar I love in center city Philly for cosmos after dinner. I stayed over at VLC's and we woke up in the middle of the night and spent our insomnia attack chatting and giggling like schoolgirls. She absolutely loved her present! The important people in my life may find themselves receiving AOR supplements, Brian Delaney's book, and my friend Emma's fiance's pottery on all holidays for the foreseeable future.

Foreseeable. Another word Aubrey de Grey taught me how to spell. I am fairly sure there is a deep meaning to be learned from the words Aubrey teaches me to spell, but I'm not sure what the lesson is. Yet.

You're probably wondering what I ate today. Sure enough, it was a low hunger day.

983 calories.
Over 100% on everything except:
Calcium 94%
Iron 51%
Panto Acid 42%
Zinc 36%

cup eggwhites scrambled, 1 teaspoon flax oil

cup of cottage cheese

100 g raw kale topped with a half teaspoon of flax oil and filled the rest of a tablespoon up with olive oil, plus red wine vinegar
brewers yeast and broth soup with carrots, cauliflower, broccoli
glass of red wine

P:F:C = 43:26:31

Not too bad.


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