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Friday, March 04, 2005

I'll Bring the Eggwhites...

Tonight I am going to a slumber party. No, I am not ten years old. It's a bachelorette party for my best friend who is getting married NEXT WEEK!!! Instead of going out and spending a lot of money to do things we don't enjoy anyway, the girls have decided to throw a slumber party. So we're getting together to watch movies, eat takeout, and I don't know... be girls?

We're getting Thai take out since Thai is one of the bride's favorites. Another bridesmaid is bringing fondue, I'm not sure if it will be chocolate or cheese. Then someone is making jello shots. I'm going to pass on the jello shots -- I figure if I didn't have them in college, it's too late now, and we know about the unfortunate effects of carbs on April's mood (raise your hand if you got the ever so slight reference in that sentence.) For brunch the next day, I've volunteered to bring eggwhites. I know that at least one of the other bridesmaids is an eggwhite eater. I may have to take a page from Mary's playbook re: Thai food. Mary eats healthy Thai, so I'll read some old entries in her blog for advice on what to order.

Last night I didn't end up eating much, and it was a very unusually low calorie day, no doubt in reaction to the large dinner I had the night before. I still tend to do some averaging, and even though I think it would be better for my health if I ate a consistent calorie level instead of having these up and down days. It's just so much easier to fit CR into socializing if I can go out and have dinners of indeterminiate calories from time to time. The funny thing is that I average naturally -- I am just not all that hungry the day after a big dinner, and I don't force myself to eat. I'm sure the average still comes out higher than it would if I simply stayed at 1100 consistently every day, but it's interesting to me that I just stop being hungry for a day or so after I've eaten a large meal. Like a large snake, digesting a delicious mouse.

Last night I didn't feel like cooking or eating much at all, and I had purchased these little Atkins low carb breakfast bars, creamy cinnamon bun flavor. They have 160 calories and 13 g protein. 2 net carbs. I bought them because MR was concerned that I skipped breakfast on Monday morning, and it occurred to me that if I could find something that I could just throw into my handbag and eat in a pinch when my darling eggwhites are not available, it would be a good thing. The problem with most "nutrition" bars is that they're just junk, lots of sugar and high calories. This one is pretty safe from a sugar standpoint, and it has a fair amount of protein. It also has 6 g fiber, which I guess is how they get the net carb count down. Instead of cooking, I ate an Atkins bar, and I'd have to admit, it was really, really yummy. These could be great things to have around for those emergencies when I'm travelling and don't have access to real food. Of course it's no substitute for my usual healthy protein, dairy and vegetable foods. But in a pinch, it'll do.

Now if only we could get Sherm to go into business packaging the megamuffins in these tiny air-tight packages that last forever.

Today I should be back to normal level hunger, and I already ate my eggwhites and flax oil breakfast. For lunch I may protein and vegetable load, since I'm not sure what food will be avaialble at dinner. I'm guessing, however, that the Thai place will make me some steamed vegetables with shrimp on top or some such thing. Still, not taking any chances with my protein. Today might be a double eggwhites day.


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