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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Eventually, you'll get hungry.

At work yesterday I wasn't very hungry, in spite of the light day on Tuesday. I think the heat is getting to me... it's about 90 degrees here, yet my office is so cold that I've had a space heater on, so the combination is just zapping my appetite. I only ate an egg (100), a cottage cheese (110), and broccoli, tomato, and green pepper salad, for a total of maybe 50 - 75. I was definitely under 300 by the time I got home from work/errands. And I was finally hungry! Very, very hungry. Like, do not want to wait to steam the cauliflower hungry. Luckily, I had some steamed eggplant and yellow squash in Trader Joe's marinara (I don't usually eat that because I make my own marinara that's delicious with lots of red wine and garlic, but it's pretty good stuff). To that I added some soy "meatballs" (120 for the four I ate) and ate 10 cherries for dessert (50). The steamed veggie/marinara concoction was about 250, since I ate a whole lot of it, and I had 6 ounces of red wine, so the total for the day yesterday was right around 882. Averaging that out with the day before, I'm staying very satisfied and full and happy, at right around 800. I still felt quite full this morning and slept as well as I ever do (which is not well but at least not worse than usual.)

800 isn't much, but it's really making me focus. When I look back at my old food records from when I first started tapering down, I see a lot of things that my body just doesn't need. A bagel here, a slice of pizza here... lots of attempts to fit in with what other people are eating. Like the times we had phone banks in the office at night and ordered pizza for the phone bankers. One time, back in April, everyone was on the phone when someone screeched, "I saw a mouse!" A discussion began about what to do about the mouse. I suggested we catch it, feed it less than it would usually eat, and see how long it lives. No one laughed. The mouse got away.

This weekend I'm going to a wedding in Vermont. I'll be away from my blog till Monday. I am, however, going to visit my favorite tomato, the sungold, grown on Full Moon Farm just outside of Burlington, VT, by some friends of mine. The sungold is a tiny, yellow, cherry like tomato, and it is so bursting with flavor that you've never had a tomato till you've eaten it. I used to make gazpachzo to die for (poor choice of words, considering my LE aims here) from sungolds during the nine months I was in Vermont. I actually have a deal with David and Rachel, who grow the sungolds on their farm, that if I die before they do, I want my ashes scattered among the sungold fields, so I can come back as a tomato.

Also, I turned on comments so anyone can comment, whether you're a registered user or not.

Have a great weekend, whoever you may be.

Here's a nice summer weekend recipe:

Red Wine Tomato Sauce

fresh tomatoes, really good ones,chopped
fresh garlic, minced
dryish red wine
basil, if you like
olive oil, if you're over the whole anti-fat thing

Do not cook the garlic in the olive oil.

Mince and simmer the garlic in the red wine. This will make your kitchen smell delicious. Simmer for about ten minutes, then stir in the chopped tomatoes. Add more red wine and a little dash of salt and pepper. Add more red wine if you want, adjust it to your taste. Turn off the heat (Do you have a gas stove? I've only done this on electric, where there's a cooling off period no matter what. My new place has a gas stove though, and I am kinda scared of the fire.) and allow to stop bubbling. Stir in some olive oil to taste if you're eating fat (I designed this recipe when I was fat phobic, but I've since added the oil and it's wonderful.) and stir in the chopped minced basil if you like, though be away the the basil changes the taste.

In my pre-CR days, I would serve this over pasta. Now, I eat it over small French cut green beans or just straight, more as a soup. It takes about ten minutes and seems fancy if you suddenly have company you weren't expecting. It's a great way to worship the tomato.


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