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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Thursday, July 1 -- Day 2 of the 800 Calorie challenge

I am such a Liza May wannabe right now. 800 a day! Wow! It can be done! If I make the permanent shift to 800/day, can my CR name be April May?

I was getting a little hungry, so at about 10:30 I ate a cottage cheese pack. 120 calories. It hit the spot. That will make it easy to wait for lunch until my co-worker, who is a breakfast eater, is ready to eat. We're going to have a long range planning discussion over lunch, so I'll have to think instead of just playing with my veggies. More after lunch.

Okay, more before lunch. I'm waiting for my co-workers to drag themselves into my office for a meeting that was supposed to start fifteen minutes ago. One thing that has really changed in my life lately is my attitude towards protein and fat. I was a hardcore McDougall vegan for years, and I maintained a pleasant weight (around 110 - 120) on a whole lot of food. I ate tons of rice and beans, always cooked lowfat. I love to cook, and I still enjoy serving up a big vegan feast. But once I began reading the CR list, I started to think that for life extension, I needed to cut some of those carb calories and get more protein and the kinds of beneficial nutrients one can get from fish. Hence my quest to stop thinking of fish as cat food. I find it much easier to eat fewer calories when more calories come from fat and protein. It's such a transition. But it's really working for me. I feel satisfied, and I think my skin and hair looks better too, though that might have nothing to do with anything.

Just back from lunch. Not challenging at all because we ate at a place with a salad bar. I had romaine lettuce with some cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and raw broccoli. (If I am misspelling broccoli, can someone please tell me? I have a weird feeling about it.) I had a few chunks of raw pineapple for dessert, and about a five ounce glass of red wine. I think the salad can't have been more than 60 calories, it was a tiny plate with less than a cup of lettuce, about ten cherry tomatoes, about five small cucumber slices, and about three florets of raw broccoli. It's so hard when you're just not sure of the weights and measures of things. I asked a waiter to find me some red wine vinegar, as they had none on the salad bar. He was very nice about it and so I got to drench my veggies in vinegar. I am some kind of vinegar freak. I love to go to Williams Sonoma and try all the flavored/herbed/spiced vinegars they have. I should start making my own, like how some people do for Christmas presents. The pineapple calorie count I'm getting on Myfoodbuddy.com is 75 for one cup, diced raw. I think I ate a little less than 1 cup. Hmmmm. Let's call it 75, add it to 60, for a total of 135. Then about a five ounce glass of wine, so call that 100. For a total of 235 at lunch. Add that to the 120 for cottage cheese earlier and I forgot to tell you about the 45 calories worth of reduced calorie cranberry juice I drank this am. I usually drink unsweetened mixed with water (yes, it's disgusting, but I have to take cranberry every day. If you're a girl, you understand why.) I usually take cranberry pills too, but I am out of both and had nothing but the reduced cal version. 56 cals for 8 ounces, and I drank six ounces so I'm giving it 45. That's a total of 400 so far for today, leaving me with 400 remaining for the day. I've got to hand it to you, Liza. 800 a day isn't easy. But I think I can do it. And I feel great! I'm not hungry at all. I have my yougurt and blueberries for afternoon snack. Then the same salad as last night (minus the wine!) and I should be just fine. I was worried that taking the walk this am might make me hungrier, but so far so good.

3:15 pm: just ate peach yougurt with a cup of fresh blueberries stirred in. 120 for the yougurt, 80 for the cup of blueberries. Wow, that was good. That's 200, so only 200 left for the day. I've got a salad wiating for me at home. No problem. I am going to visit Walford's site and order the nutritional software... I really need to have it if I'm shooting for 800. Not much margin for error in that low cal a diet. Though I'd have to say, when I consider what most people eat, I think most CR folk get better nutrition on half the calories than most regular people get with the junk they eat. Alas, my friends have not responded well to my suggestion that I follow them around recording what they eat for a day so I can do nutritional/cal analysis on it. No wonder they think I'm weird.

5:15 pm: Still at work (of course). Ate a peach. Yummy peach. 40 calories, according to myfoodbuddy.com. So now I have 160 left for the day. I should be fine.

I need to think of new veggies to eat that are low cal. I focus so much on lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli. I need to up my cauliflower, other greens, perhaps sweet potatoes, etc. I'll work on that. Clearly, this entire situation will improve when I get my nutritional software.


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