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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

What happened to careful tracking?

Though I have been lax about posting my food and calories for the last few days, I have been keeping track of them. Haven't yet had time to catalog the weekend on this site, but let me catch up on Monday and today while I have just a moment.

Monday: wasn't very hungry, no doubt due to eating more calories than usual over the weekend trip. So no breakfast, as usual, lunch was a cottage cheese (110 calories), five grape tomatoes (the tiny ones, 20 calories max), and the leftover cauliflower marinara, 100 max since there wasn't much of it left. At night I ate a lettuce salad with balsamic vinegar that had some shredded cheese on top, about six spear of broccoli, and five bites of mashed cauliflower, plus one 4 - 5 ounce glass of red wine. The veggies could not have gone over 200, even if you assume some butter was in the cauliflower. The wine was about 105, since it was a restaurant pour and probably 5 oz rather than 4. Coming in just over 500 for yesterday, but since I ate about 2000 on Saturday, I'm not worried about it.

Tuesday: Hungry day, no doubt due to not eating much yesterday. No breakfast, but for lunch a co-worker brought in his homemade black bean burritos, which are fabulous. Black beans, basmati rice, red and yellow peppers, tomatoes, and onions in a flour tortilla. I would give it about 400 calories, since a slightly smaller bean burrito from Taco Bell is 370. Then I ate a chocolate chip cookie. Not too big, about 75 on that. So today's total at 1:30 is already up to 475. If I go a touch over 800 today I'm not going to worry about it, since yesterday was so light. But no more cookies!

Tons of work to do so I should get back to it. If I'm very good and accomplish a lot, I'm going to reward myself by taking home the two papers written for non-specialists that I just discovered on de Grey's website at http://www.gen.cam.ac.uk/sens/AdGpubs.htm#intro. For those of you who don't follow the CR list, de Grey is this researcher at Cambridge who is often referred to on the CR list and who occasionally posts. It says, "Start here if you're new to the field, especially if you're not a biologist." That would be me. Fun treat! I learned long ago that when I have to survive very long days into nights of phone calls, it's important to plan little treats for the end of the day.

Okay, I am cheating. I am making a large round of phone calls that mostly involves leaving messages, and I am reading one of de Grey's papers whilst I do it. If I get a live person, I stop reading. This is fascinating... and I think it's going to leave me with more questions than answers. I'm just getting to the part where he talks about not being interested in antioxidants.

Finished the de Grey article, finished one round of calls, ate a cottage cheese (110) and drank a decaf green tea (0). Definitely more questions than answers. Wishing I had taken biochemistry in college, instead of fulfilling all my science requirements with computer science classes. Lots of fun though, and I have another article in my bag to read tonight before bed.

Gotta get back to work. More tomorrow. I'll be in a marathon of four meetings, 11 am, 1 pm, 5:00 pm and 7:30pm, so if I don't make it to blogging tomorrow, be assured that I am counting my calories, bugging my office administrator for a new laptop that I can load Walford's software onto, and sneaking time to read my articles when I can take a five minute break from work.


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