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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Something Cruciferous This Way Comes

I didn't get my cruciferous veggies yesterday, and I have two heads of cauliflower staring at me from the bottom shelf of my beautiful new fridge. I think tonight I will steam them, unless work people and I go out for dinner after tonight's work meeting. In either case, I will put some olive oil on either a salad or some cauliflower.

I finally got some good sleep... slept from 9:30 p to 7 a, with only two short waking ups! That is very unusual for me. I left the window open in the bedroom and there was a nice chilly breeze coming in. I love fall! It's almost time to decorate my apartment for Halloween!

After sleeping till seven am, which is a good two to three hours later than I usually sleep, I was somewhat confused, but managed to make my eggwhites and eat them with a glass of skim milk. That's a lot of protein at once, but I didn't want to neglect my milk today like I did yesterday, and eggwhites are so much better when you eat them right out of the pan instead of tupperwaring and microwaving later. I also made up my delicious yogurt concoction, but realized belatedly that I had no cucumber, so it's just red pepper today. That makes it 180 cals according to Walford, which I think is good because yesterday I looked like I was consuming the "Everything's 200 calories!" Diet. The lemon I juiced into it was unusually juicy, so it's very sharp tasting. I am a big fan of sharp tastes... The Person Who Put Oil In the Stew in 2000 used to say that was because I had burned off all my tastebuds by eating and drinking very hot foods. Unlike VLC, who likes everything a bit tepid, I like my hot food and drink really hot. I love hot peppers, vinegar straight up, lemon and lime juice, things like that. I think some of that may be a function of years of low fat cooking and eating, where you really rely on the natural flavors of the food. But I know, I know, I will get my MUFAs today.

Funny story about fat: On the way to the meeting yesterday, VLC and another co-worker got into an argument about fat! He was saying he was trying not to eat any fat, and she was saying that you should eat some good fat, just avoid saturated fat. I stayed out of it. I have learned that a quick way to shorten your lifespan is to engage in too many arguments with co-workers about non-work items. I was rooting for VLC, of course.

I think I am going to end up wearing her clothes to the CRS conference, as all of mine are rapidly ceasing to fit. I put on a black silk pants suit that I just love this morning and guess what... it's just a tiny bit big. Most of my twos fit perfectly right now, but I remember this one fit when I first took this job, and I weighed about 115 then. It is still quite wearable, just not quite as well fitting. In the car on the way back from the meeting, the two men who were riding with us swapped stories of the inability to find any pants that fit, since they're both in great shape and tall. Not CR thin, just on the thin side of in shape. And they can't find clothes that fit because clothing retailers expect men to be fat! At least men tend to get their suits tailored for them. I certainly can't complain... all the best clothes come in tiny sizes for girls, and I've got a ways to go before I would be a "plus age, minus height" supermodel.

Ate my grape nuts for midmorning snack, and soon will eat lunch with the work gang. Have the red pepper yogurt concotion for lunch, and will eat lettuce if I'm feeling unusually hungry.
Tonight is a meeting, but shouldn't be all that late a night, compared to usual. I kinda want another arugula salad with cashews... that was an amazing combination. I love arugula. I wonder if I could grow it on my balcony? No, I'd better stick with catnip.

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