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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I Don't Even Like Desserts

I hate to short change you, darling blog, but I have only minutes to write because work is just so crazy right now. Still, I'll do my best to update you as quickly as possible.

Yesterday was shaping up to be a great day for food. Eggwhites for breakfast, 120 calories of steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots (formerly frozen so I'm sure on the count) with 116 of brewers yeast sprinkled on top for lunch, a handfull of wasabi green peas (which I think I can't eat anymore since someone told me they're fried), yougurt and red pepper concoction, skim latte. That was all before going to my out of town meeting, and I was thinking of eating nothing for the rest of the day to try to be more like Paul and Meredith. But I got to my meeting and a co-worker had baked homemade cookies, of which I ate two. I know, I could have just eaten one to be polite but I ate two. Then after the meeting at about 8 pm VLC and I went to dinner at the hotel where we were staying and we decided to split a shrimp cocktail (2 shrimp each) and a crabmeat cocktail. That would have been fine... a little protein, along with my little glass of cabernet. But no. The waiter tells us that the dessert buffet is included. We decide to look at it. I regret to report that I ate a slice of key lime pie.

It was actually pretty good, but I was sad to have ruined an otherwise good day with two cookies and a slice of pie. I am normally not a sugar person, preferring bagels and fries to desserts when pressed on what to eat for junk. I don't know if it was the unbelievably stressful work situation, the still exhausted state I'm in from never having caught up on sleep after my last project, or what, but I ate a slice of pie. Ugh.

I hope that my occasional and not so occasional screw ups provide both amusement and comfort to any readers out there who may also slip up on their road to long living eternal joy and bliss. The road to hell is paved with free food.

Today I have been making up for it. Good eggwhite scramble at the hotel this morning (free breakfast buffet with eggwhites, made to order!!!) and a small glass of tomato juice. Mid morning snack of a small banana. For lunch the office decided to go out to a Thai place after VLC found bugs in the broccoli at the office cafeteria (ick!!!), but at the Thai place while others were eating fried pot stickers and noodle dishes with tofu, I asked for a heaping plate of steamed vegetables and completely enjoyed it. Tonight on the way home from work I'm going to stop at the Asian grocery next door and grab a big low cal salad. Hoping to go under target for the next couple of days, both to fix the recent calorie freak out and to preserve my zen in the face of a very stressful workload.

I keep having long philosophical thoughts that will make a great long post as soon as I get some time... till then, eat your protein and send me happy thoughts.


  • At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nah! We don't feel short changed...
    Here's a little blog content back at yah!
    I made it to 38! ~ following are a few bits from the bday bash told using a “food channel” tone ;-D
    Started the pre-bday with buying a new surfboard--kindof a spur of the moment thing where I left work early & suddenly found myself at the surfshop buying an "Epoxy Flyer" identical to my (identical) twin bros'. Thankfully he recently sold his silver Boxster (which I had copied from him, too) or things would have begun looking way too "doublemint twins" like for my tastes.
    Started the bday off the next morning with a pre-daybreak call from the bro, and an exciting Newport Beach surf session on the new surfboard. an absolute blast ~ 'landed my first aerial maneuver on the new stick!
    Later had brunch at Sugar Shack in downtown Huntington Beach about 1.5 blocks from my condo. We had "Main Street Omelets" with egg whites, tons of chopped spinach, sautéed mushrooms, sprouts, tons of avocado, tomatoes, cheese, reams of fresh salsa, a little more avocado ;) … and fruit on the side. Chased it down with a Starbucks Pumpkin & Spice Decaf Latte and then, 30min later, went back to S. for a Hazelnut Decaf Latte with cinnamon and for a Zen Green Tea. After that, 'crossed the street and migrated over to BJ's Pizza which served, of all things, the best Italian tossed salad I can remember eating. Being geared for pizza, I think we threw them for a loop as it took them 45+ min to put the salad together, perhaps as a result of the special request for added broccoli & sautéed mushrooms!@! It also had oregano, scallions, cilantro, greens of course, tomatoes, tiny artichoke heart squares, a tiny amount of ultra-fine grated monster cheese, garbanzo beans, red onions, the brocc as tiny broccoli florets, the shrooms as a multitude of sautéed ultra-thin sliced & then chopped mushrooms, and who knows what else, along with a tasty Italian House Dressing served on the side! For desert we split one of BJ's infamous Pazookis, served with huge, hot, gooey-on-the-inside Macadamia White Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal n Raisin cookies topped with vanilla-bean ice cream. mmm. For dinner, the same gang, along with my two nephews (4 & 7 yo) and a few others, uncovered and explored this top-notch Tai restaurant, Bangkok Four, at South Coast Plaza, splitting about 8 entrees with assortments of steamed veggies being added on the side along with more meager servings of rice and noodles ~ that is except for the Pad Zee Ew, Pad Thai, & Pineapple Fried Rice Entrees, which were loaded-up so much with exotic seafood including big crab pinchers and tender flavorful shrimp, that they needed to be eaten precisely as served! Had the best dessert ~ hot, coconut-batter dipped & fried banana wedges topped with corn-chunk vanilla-bean Tai ice cream -- absolutely amazing! Kendall Jackson was the Cab. wine of choice. With all of that, I came up short on my calories for the day so munched a couple hundred calories of almonds and hazelnuts that night back at the condo. Today, back at the office, it's bday carrot cake with the crew ('wish they had sugar free) followed by an early evening at Souplantation watching the 3rd Presidential Debate. And to think, I almost traveled down to San Diego for the experience but (thankfully) decided to stay local to see the two nephews. What a splendid way to flip-over the odometer. Yah just gotta love this town! kenton


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