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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

There's Nothing Inherently Good About Moderation

That's what I said yesterday at lunch with the co-workers when, after I announced that I was planning to buy one of the super warm soft cashmere sweaters for $38 in every color, one of my co-workers said, "You're not really into moderation, are you?"

I agreed that I am not, and my "Moderation: Not a Fan" status has been well-discussed on the blog. You definitely set yourself up for taking a lot of flak from others when you do anything that's considered "extreme," from working really hard to eating really well to buying a lot of sweaters.

The last few weeks have been the roughest yet of my CRON journey, not because I'm finding it difficult to stay near my calorie target or because I'm having trouble with my nutrition... in fact, both of those, especially the ON part, are going better than ever. It's the social struggles that have been getting to me, and while for the most part I have stood my ground, I've definitely had days when I made food choices based on fear of others, not based on what I wanted or what my body needed.

The support from my CR brothers and sisters has been a life-saver... literally! (And I know how to use that word.) If you consider that every calorie may be aging us just that much faster, every time I stick to my plan and eat the right foods instead of giving into social pressure, I'm adding just that much to my life. So I owe you guys a lot of minutes!!!

Yesterday was pretty good: you already heard about lunch's salad and cottage cheese with tabasco. On the way home I stopped at the Asian produce store and picked up a pint of grape tomatoes, which I ate on the spot, plus a pint of brussels sprouts and three stalks of broccoli. They stalks were the tall and not too fluffy kind, very different from the giant fluffy green crowns on the broccoli at the corner grocery store. I took them home and threw them into the brewers yeast and free range organic chicken broth soup, along with a dash of garlic powder. The soup was so delicious that I ate all the veggies! I didn't eat all the broth, so I have about two cups leftover for whenever (I made four cups worth at once, but I adjusted the brewers yeast amount to two servings instead of one so that the nutrition would still come out right.) Walford sized glass of Italian red with dinner.

I also broke into the bag of almonds I bought, and I love them! In fact, I think I ate too many of them. Instead of carefully measuring like a sane person, I just kept chomping on them as I cooked dinner. Then I ate more right before bed. This morning my weight as up two pounds, which is obviously water, but I think between the tabasco, the cottage cheese, the chicken broth, and the almonds, I had more salt than usual. And I am not a low salt person to begin with. I'm planning to cut down the salt today to see if the water falls off.

DWIDP is showing that my RDAs for yesterday absolutely rocked. Over 100% in everything, except 90% of Zinc. Wow! A little over target I suspect with about 200 cals of nuts, and still only 23% fat (36% protein, 41% carb) but only up to 1025 which is not exactly a crisis, and that's being very generous in the estimates of how much of the vegetables I ate. Wow, I'm happy about yesterday's nutrition. No wonder I feel really good, if a bit puffy from too much salt.

I am completely freaking out with excitement about the CRS conference... but work is such a crazy marathon until then that I barely have time to think about it. It's the big light at the end of the tunnel in what has been an extraordinarily stressful fall. However, my CR inspired Zen has made me much less stressed, in spite of the external factors.

If I had a shrine to the CR phenomenon, which I'll have you know, I do *not*, I would spend extra time this week worshipping there. I am so much calmer, healthier, better able to withstand all challenges, than I was pre-CR. And with the never ending crises at work, social struggles, and in general stress of life, I need it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


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