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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Varying My Protein Sources, Getting My Calcium

Good morning little bloggie friends!

This morning I did a few things differently because I am going out for a lunch meeting to a restaurant where I've never eaten before. Judging from the menu, they have some amazing seafood dishes, so I figure I'll stock up on protein then. I did, however, drink a latte with skim this morning, to be heading in the direction of hitting my calcium goal. Tonight, I may eat a salad and my yogurt concoction to fill in the greens and finish out the calcium. That won't quite hit the calcium target though... blergh. Still, even on a "perfect" day, I'm hitting 81% of calcium. Last night, my mom and I discussed over dinner how we're going to start taking calcium supplements.

Speaking of dinner, I made a great dinner last night! I used the free range organic chicken broth and threw into it one red pepper, some "flavorino" tomatoes (they're larger than cherry but smaller than regular), and half a bag of frozen broccoli, cauliflower and carrots (75 cals worth). I added a touch of garlic powder and the juice of one lemon, plus two tablespoons of brewers yeast. It was a fantastic feast! I hadn't wanted to use four tablespoons of brewers yeast, which would mean one whole serving for each of us, since my mom had never had it before and I didn't want to overwhelm the dish with it in case she decided it wasn't to her taste. But she loved it, and even took home some in the empty (and washed) carton from the cottage cheese I had eaten earlier in the day. We drank our glasses of wine, pinot noir for me, riesling for her, and we mixed a little cranberry juice into them for added entertainment and flavor! Yummy! The riesling with cranberry tastes a lot like a Kir -- you know, white wine with creme de cassis. My college roommate and I used to make that for parties when we had just turned 21 and were marvelling at all the ways we could use liquor store products. (A lot of grasshopper pie was made in those days as well... creme de menthe. It's green.)

I also ate a few nuts while cooking, but only a bite, not more than 50 cals worth.

So totals: half of the soup = 167.5
glass and a half of pinot noir + 1 cup light cranberry = 167.5
nuts = 50
total: 385

Add that to the 600 from earlier, plus the 130ish romaine + dressing and you have 1115.

A little high, but super ON and perfectly reasonable.

One thing I'm noticing... over time, my "big" meals out are becoming smaller... I just can't pig out in one sitting like I used to be able to. While it's very hard for me to be certain of calories on restaurant food, I am definitely eating fewer cals when I go out than I used to. I wonder if that's a contributing factor in my eating a little more than before on regular days. My "regular day" total has been hovering just above 1000 many days, but if I'm taking a little less food on my going out days, it might be averaging. That would explain why my weight loss has slowed a lot, which I think is a healthy sign. If my metabolism is slowing and I'm holding 106- 107 ish on an *average* of 1100 - 1200, that's good. As time goes on, and depending on how I feel and the QOL issues of social struggles and how well my shopping for little clothes goes, I may take the cals down a little further. But for now, I think I'm adjusting well, and I feel great! Last night's dinner was really a masterpiece, and classic April cooking: easy, fast, comforting to eat (nothing like hot soup on a cold night). I used to joke that I am a "working mom" cook -- the food is good, but it's gotta be fast or it isn't going to happen. This is funny because as you know, I have no children. Unless you count Kieffer, who certainly would count himself.

This weekend will be interesting. Tomorrow, I have an all day bridesmaids' dress shopping event for my friend who is getting married in March. All the bridesmaids (five) are coming into town to spend the day finding our dress. It starts with lunch, followed by appointments at several bridal stores to try on dresses, followed by champagne and dinner at a great Italian restaurant. I was really excited about it, especially since one of my close friends whom I haven't seen in ages is driving up from Baltimore for the event, but in light of recent social struggles, I'm a little nervous about both trying on dresses (the sample size is size 10... how's that going to look on my size two frame?) and eating out for two meals with a large group of normal people. I may pursue the seafood strategy at dinner, but I have no idea where lunch is going to be. At least out of town friend is supportive, being very health conscious (as well as tall, thin and beautiful... sorry, guys, she's already engaged!) herself, so hopefully if there are any awkard moments, she can help me change the subject. I really don't look all that skinny, so I'm hoping that the bridesmaids I've never met before won't even notice. Unless you knew me when I weighed 30 pounds more, you wouldn't necessarily peg me as a CR person. Just like how the ob/ob mice look like normal mice when they're CR'd. And we live longer than normal CR'd mice too! Haha! Long live the formerly fat mouse!


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