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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

That Is Just So Typically Me

Yes, it's a Brittney reference.

And those of you who have been following my CR progress for awhile can guess what I did that is just so typically me...

You guessed it! Useless carbs! The worst kind! The evil ju-ju bee strikes!!!

And the day was going so well... eggwhites at breakfast followed by brewers yeast soup (meaning 116 cals of brewers yeast dissolved in 2 cups of veggie broth (30 cals) at around noon. It does incredible things to my nutrient totals for the day, and also tastes like salty comfort food that I love.

Then I went out to do some errands... dropped by Target to pick up some stuff... somehow avoided buying either Hello Kitty stuff or Halloween decorations. Got out with my self-respect and my budget in tact. Went to Petsmart to buy some Science Diet Hairball Control Light for Mr. Giant Cuddles, aka Kieffer Andrew Smith, my cat. Somehow emerged from Petsmart without taking home any of the adoreable stray cats in the no-kill shelter that they house for free. I am a sucker for a sad cat story, but I have a small apartment ruled by a very jealous god in the form of 20 pounds of gray tabbiness.

Came home, did a few more hours of work, then decided to pop to my mother's house to check my email, as the office was on power shutdown all day.

Should have eaten my yougurt first. Big mistake, entering the Carb Castle on an empty stomach.

Now my mom is a very healthy eater, just starting CR herself, very cute and skinny with a southern accent that she hasn't lost in years of living outside the South. She can live in the same house with ju-ju bees and eat only a few every once in awhile. I, it seems, am not so strong.

Before I had even copy pasted the first 2 in my email ID onto the screen (remember, I toasted the 2/@ on my mom's keyboard a few days ago by spilling some fine German wine on it) I had eaten a handfull of the little devils. Then another and another! I fear that I consumed a "serving" of ju ju bees -- 120 calories. Ugh! Amazingly enough, I did not lose a tooth in the chewing process. Those things are really hard.

[Listening to Star Wars soundtrack... brief mental tangent re: how I have lived my life secretly believing that I am the one female character in a science fiction epic. First Princess Leia, later, Molly in Neuromancer by William Gibson, a book that is actually about a different kind of life extension. Great book, must re-read asap. And no, I do not have razors under my fingernails, though I think it would be cool if I did, and would aid in ripping off those annoying plastic covers on CDs]

Then, no doubt on a sugar rush, I ate two slices of matzoh with hummus and vidalia onion relish. That's 180 in the matzoh (whole wheat) and 50 in the hummus, 20 in the relish. That's a lot of cals with little nutrition.

Now this is where the hardcore CR folks who read this and the friends/family/people who just want to be healthy will perhaps part company. For a normal healthy person, eating ju-ju bees and matzoh when you weigh 107 pounds is not exactly a crisis.

But for a girl who wants to jam all the nutrients she needs (including those orange things that we all know redheads require) into a tiny number of calories, it's not a good choice.

I kinda made up for it later with a healthy dinner of purple broccoli, zuchinni, tomatoes, a little tomato sauce, and scallions, followed by dessert of apples and pecans simmered with a little cinnamon. I am falling madly in love with nuts... they are so crunchy and can be kept in the freezer with all my walkperson's batteries.

Glass of Italian red from my favorite wine store with dinner, and a small glass of a dash of white sweet wine that my mom likes mixed with unsweetened cranberry juice for a funny kind of kir. And when I say unsweetened cran, I mean it... not "no sugar added," I mean so sour you can hardly drink it straight unsweetened cran that the "Fat Flush Diet" fad made popular.

All in all, I was right around target though perhaps a touch over... I am sometimes not sure how to count my veggies and tend to overcount them. But I can do better than this on days when I have total control of my food. Hopefully today will be better.

Story of my life... too many carbs. At least I do better on protein and I've found a nut I really like.


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