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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Friday Night Date With A Nut

In my younger days, this title would have referred to the status of my social life. But at the ripe old age of 30, and way too buried in work to even think about dating, I mean it somewhat more literally.

After yesterday's philosophical blog entry, I'd better catch you up on what I've actually been eating. So here goes (and btw, if you're just tuning in, go read the previous entry, "The Finer Points of Ark Engineering" -- it's probably my favorite entry yet.)

Thursday: I had suspected that I would go out to dinner after a late night of work meetings, and I did. So that day's total was high, and it will be my "going out to eat" over target day for the week. During the day, I ate eggwhites, yogurt concotion, and a bunch of lettuce with fat free salad dressing, followed by a fruit salad of red grapes, honeydew, and watermelon.

Dinner out was at the last place open in the town where I was when I finally got out of work, and it had some very good sounding seafood dishes on the menu. Having a vague memory of MR writing something good about oysters in his post about how he now eats meat occasionally, I thought I'd try one. I'd never eaten one before. So I ordered seafood bruchetta (I didn't eat all the bread but I did eat some) that had shrimp on it, and a scallop and oyster stew. It was really good.

I'm sure you're thinking that if MR said that to live a really long time, one should eat Timberland boots, my response would not be, "That's absurd!" but rather, "How should one prepare them, and do they need to be stored in the freezer?" Even devout followers of the list have pointed out to me that the best way to judge scientific evidence is not by whose writing you like best. But in my nutritional world, which is a sea of darkness punctuated by small tunnels of light, I find that a distant memory of something MR wrote is better than nothing. And I'm not alone in this... lots of other CR folks say they do the same thing.

Of course, MR is also always saying that we should not eat fish and I keep eating fish. But more on that later.

So I had my over target meal (I also drank one glass of red wine and ate some of the bread... wow, bread is so intoxicating if you haven't had it for awhile.)

The next day I wasn't hungry for breakfast, so I didn't eat until I went out to a very late lunch with VLC to have a brief staff meeting and catch up. We tried a new place in the town where we work, and it was great! I had pan seared salmon over garlic spinach topped with a tomato marmalade. Glass of chardonnay on the side. VLC ate a spinach salad and a glass of cabernet... she had dinner plans so was eating light. I figured I'd get my protein in for the day at lunch (I know, bad protein absorption strategy) and eat a very small dinner. The only plans I have for this weekend are working, so I won't be eating out at all, and I was lookingn forward to a quite evening of work calls at home after so much travelling lately.

When I got home from work (which seems silly to say because I just continued working) I ate a salad of mixed greens with fat free dressing and salsa, followed by about 100 calories of pecans. I really like nuts now! How weird is that? I used to despise them.

I invited my mom to come over after her class (she teaches at night) and made her a dinner of fresh Farmers' Market veggies. I wasn't hungry but I drank a glass of red with her while she ate dinner. It's nice after living on opposite ends of the country for twelve years to live close together. And of course Kieffer enjoys visits from his grandmother.

This weekend I am mostly working, though the power is shut off at the office all day today so I will probably work from home, and maybe try to get some more unpacking done. With how crazy work has been, I haven't even come close to unpacking all my stuff since the move.

For breakfast I ate eggwhites with a little hot sauce (do they have Texas Pete where you live?), and later on I'm going to eat my yogurt probably without veggies, as I want to save veggie cals for tonight's dinner. I'm making fancy dinner for my mom tonight, with fancy veggies (including purple broccoli!) and a locally grown apple and pecan dessert. Maybe I'll entertain myself by attempting to Zone dinner. That will be difficult but amusing.

I doubt that I'll get an actual day off from work until November 2, so I'll be needing all my CR inspired Zen... send me happy thoughts, bloggie friends!


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