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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Very little time to blog

Hi friends...

I'm sorry I've been offline... you know I'm thinking of you even when I'm away!

I don't have time to blog now -- I have to finish some work now, and then I'm flying off to visit my dad in NC. I have miraculously somehow almost finished my Christmas shopping. Not quite. And my family does Christmas gift exchange tomorrow! I usually am so far ahead on that, but this year, other priorities arose that took precedence.

I hope you're all well... I'm not anorexic you silly cats, you should have seen me eat yesterday at my office Christmas party dinner. Seafood risotto... yum! Terrible timing, since I had a ton of work that needed to be done, but it's an event that you have to go to in my organization, and it's a lot of fun. The food was so good. I also had a seafood soup and shared a few bites of a chocolate thing. I don't really feel like it's a good use of my time to defend myself to you though -- I've gotten so much support from my CR brothers and sisters, and they universally say, "Don't expect people to understand. They have to deal with their own issues their way."

I'll start posting daily calorie totals again though, that might be instructive. Sometimes when I eat out I don't know what they are though. I can also post the RDA's, so that you can see how good they are. I suspect that Negative One has very little knowledge of nutrition, otherwise he/she would see that I am getting not just adequate but actually optimal nutrition on a daily basis. It's the days when I eat out, and eat closer to what you would consider "normal" that I come up with bad nutrition totals at the end of the day. Why? Because normal people eat crap! All those junkie carbs, all that sugar, all the saturated fat. My lunch yesterday was 140 calories of eggwhites (29 g protein) and a salad of romaine, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, and olives. You don't need to eat crap to be healthy. In fact (newsflash) eating crap actually makes you unhealthy!

You'll feel better when I post a pic, which I promise I will get around to asap, but I'm doing some more important things right now. In fact, the only reason why I'm writing so much is that I'm waiting on a reply to an important email.

More soon.


  • At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    From April's Mom,
    I used to weigh almost 190 lbs. and now I'm down to around 130. Life is more fun now. April and I eat together a lot, and I see her eat good food and plenty of it. I promise that you can count on me to keep her healthy, although she can do it herself. Believe her when she says that she has the eating under control. She's much healthier than most people I know. I'm much more concerned that she has trouble sleeping well and long enough, but she's always been that way--even as a baby.

  • At 6:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I appreciate your diary, but have also wondered if you are anorexic.

    Certainly it's none of my business. But you might find less criticism if you didn't triumph over your size at Ann Taylor. I'd be excited too, but it does sound like you're more about the bones than the lifespan. Also, your calories seem almost impossibly low to achieve CRON. But again, to each thier own. Just thought I'd explain some of the perception.

    Good luck to you.


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