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Saturday, January 08, 2005

It Doesn't Get Much More CR Friendly Than This

Sorry for the delay in writing, bloggiefriends. I decided to visit a friend over the weekend, and I spent a lot of time in transit.

Yesterday I didn't eat much during the day because I spent a lot of time in airports. I did have a massive protein craving between flight one and flight two, and I ate an egg and cheese thing on one of those low carb Atkins wraps at Subway. Wished that I had some whey powder to just mix into an iced latte from the Starbucks next door to the airport and be done with it, without the saturated fat, but I didn't. I am told that the whey powder issue will resolve itself shortly.

Last night for dinner my friend made an awesome CR friendly stir fry with about a zillion vegetables, Quorn, and eggwhites. My giant plate was 250 calories, amazing for that volume of food. I couldn't even finish it, there was so much!

This morning I had kefir with a whey protein that is much, much better than that one I used to drink fast with a straw (I somehow got over the fact that I'm drinking something that has the same name as my cat, Kieffer) and a salad with tons of green things, tomatoes, green pepper, olive oil, flax oil and balsamic vinegar and some chipotle chili sauce stuff that had a great smoky flavor, which added to the smoky flavor of the arugula. How you get arugula this time of year is beyond me, but as great mysteries go, that's a minor one. Apparently I have a problem with Omega 3's, so when I get home I need to drag myself to the health food store and get some flax oil.

I also had half of a baked object that is a modified version of Sherm's megamuffins, and it was so good that I kept reminding myself that it was CR friendly. It really tasted like something you'd get out of the pastry shelf at Starbucks. I kept saying to the person who made it, "I trust you, so I'll believe that this is really what you say it is, but it tastes too good to be true."

Not sure how many calories I'm up to for today yet, but since the person cooking it is figuring it out as we go, based on scaling back how much he eats to fit into my calorie requirements, I don't have to worry about it.

It's a bizarre and wonderful experience to have someone cook for me. I almost always do all the cooking (though Very Skinny Mom does some great cooking for me too!) and it's a nice feeling to just sit on the floor and watch someone else do all the work. Also, usually when I do have someone cook for me, I experience that uncomfortable feeling of not knowing what exactly I'm eating, and having to roughly guestimate the calories. To both have someone cook for me and be absolutely sure that I'm eating exactly the right number of calories and a much better balance of nutrients than I even make for myself is just way cool.


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    What is Quom? Sounds like very good food.


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