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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Relaxation Attack

When I get my chemical balance just exactly precisely right, and add onto it some fabulously happy life events, I sometimes find that I have these bizarre episodes that I call "relaxation attacks" because they are the polar opposite of a panic attack.

That's weird, isn't it?

I had my first one the first Sunday after I moved back to the Philly area following nine extremely difficult months of living in Vermont. I was popping into the wine store after church to buy some wine for a small dinner party I was throwing that night, and I suddenly felt so relaxed and happy that I almost feared to drive.

Today I must be getting my chemicals just right because I came into the office, checked my email, drank a cup of green tea (decaf this time, don't die of shock that I sometimes drink decaffeinated beverages ;) and got a call from my friend who works as a medical writer confirming that she wants to have dinner tonight (with me, not just in general.) Then I returned to my desk and was suddenly overcome with such a feeling of happiness and well-being that I almost couldn't get up.

I ate eggwhites for breakfast and 3/4 cup of cottage cheese for lunch (that's 30% RDA of calcium in 120 calories, wicked awesome if you ask me) and nothing else... so tonight I'll have plenty of calories to play with. We decided to meet at an Italian restaurant near The Mall (that's the King of Prussia Mall, for those of you who don't live around here) and I already checked out the menu to see what I'm going to eat. Looks like they have a very good vegetable filled salad, and they also have asparagus, spinach and broccoli sauteed in olive oil served with lemon, which sounds like a fabulous dish to me. So that takes care of nice friendly veggies and some fat (though I still must go buy flax oil to deal with my little omega 3 issue which has been brought to my attention) but I will need a bit more protein. I wonder if they'll throw a couple of steamed shrimp onto the salad if I ask very nicely. I'm not eating salmon anymore because a) I hate it b) it smells like cat food c) MR says fatty fish are bad and same for fish oil. Besides, salmon really really smells like very bad cat breath to me, and I get enough of that when my cat licks my face in the middle of the night in what I'm sure is a gesture of affection but which for obvious reasons is sometimes less than pleasant.

So I am very excited that I am meeting science girl for dinner... she is way cool and tons of fun to hang out with.

Tomorrow I'm off to Pittsburgh again, and this time VLC might come with me, though it's unclear as of yet if she will return from a trip to Boston in time. You guys know how much I love that trip across PA. And free wireless internet from my hotel room!


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