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Monday, August 09, 2004

Pretty Good Day

Greetings, bloggie friends,

Yesterday was a pretty good day -- up to 1050, which is just over my new target of 1000. In chronological order, here is what I ate: whey protein shake, egg-whites scrambled, kalamata olives, salad with arugula (amazing from Farmers' Market), green pepper, scallions, champagne walnut vinegar, tomatoes marinated in above vinegar plus toasted Napa garlic olive oil, a fantastic black bean creation with black beans, garlic sauteed in garlic olive oil, tomatillos from the farmers' market, and a droplet of green chile sauce, broccoli and cauliflower pureed with above green chile sauce (I like spicy food a lot), a nectarine stewed in late harvest Washington state Reisling that tasted almost like Canadian ice wine it was so sweet,as well as a glass of said Reisling for dessert. Thought for a time that I might have non-CR friendly dinner company, so I was going to make my veggies and throw it over pasta for them, but they had other plans so I had CR friendly dinner company who brought the wine and nectarines. I kept count all day as I went, and hit 55 grams of protein (mostly in the shake and the eggwhite omlet, about four grams in the massive amount of broccoli I ate). It was a delicious food day. Cooking for other people is one of my favorite things to do in life, so I really enjoy any afternoon where I can take time to play with veggies and create and awesome meal, especially for people who like my kind of food and appreciate lots of flavor in low calorie food.

Meanwhile, the evolution of protein consumption continues. This morning, in an attempt to streamline my protein process, I came home from my am four mile walk and made my whey shake (160 cals, 28 grams of protein), then drank it with a straw in one continuous sip, never letting the straw leave my mouth, all the while making an eggwhite scramble with 1 cup of eggwhites (140 cals, 27 grams of protein, by the numbers on the box. It's all liquid egg-whites that I bought at the store, not eggbeaters, so no supplements added.) I even managed to grind some fresh sea salt and fresh pepper into the scramble and put it in a small tupperware to take to work for lunch, all while drinking the shake. Someone should really make a video of this... it wasn't easy, but it was efficient. And it improved the taste of the shake, in that it minimized any tasting whatsoever. I know that not tasting my food sounds like a bad idea to some, but it really works for me to just get my protein started early in the day. A few calories that I don't taste vs. constant angst over my protein intake is a fair tradeoff at this point in my dietary evolution.

Today I have packed:

scrambled eggwhites, 140 cals, 27 g protein

the other half of the black bean tomatillo creation (it is amazing) 250 cals, 12.5 grams of protein

mega veg soup -- not a whole 216.7 calorie serving, about 1/2 of one so approximately 108.35 calories

more yellow tomatoes with toasted garlic olive oil and champagne walnut vinegar (that Williams Sonoma sure knows how to make olive oil and vinegar!) -- approx 75 - 100 cals, depending on how much of the ambient oil I eat. Fat is still such an afterthought, but I need to conquer the protein thing before I can figure that one out.

a cottage cheese, in case I need it, 90 cals, 11 g protein

And I have a lunch meeting today at a chain restaurant that has a large buffet, so I trust I will be able to find at the very least some iceberg lettuce.

Missed you guys over the weekend... I walked 12 miles in the last 24 hours! I hadn't walked all week and my body just cried out for fresh air and exercise.

When's Mary getting back? We miss her so!


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