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A diary of a 30 year old woman following CRON, or Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, for health and life extension.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Voices On My Radio

Line from "On the Western Skyline," the first song on Bruce Hornsby's first album. You may have to be a Southerner to like Bruce Hornsby, I'm not sure. I just recently started listening to his first album again, and I love it. Whole line goes, "Voices on my radio, telling me where I should go." Considering how much I quote pop music in the blog, I think that every once in awhile I should just have a headline that is about music in general. So there you go.

How are my bloggiefriends dealing with the holidays? Some of us have chatted off blog about how hard it is to resist all the holiday food. And then we feel crappy if we eat it. I had an almost perfect day yesterday, and I actually slept well and got up feeling great. Today I am cooking for friends for both lunch and dinner, and I am never sure what I'll make until the very instant I make it. For lunch, I am making shrimp and scallops in a spicy red sauce. For dinner, I think I will put down a layer of spinach (explain to me why we avoid spinach? I love spinach.) and top it with eggplant, red pepper and broccoli all sautted together in a tomato and red wine sauce, and top that with a few little shrimps. How does that sound? I'm gradually moving my frequent guests in the direction of eating CR friendly. That usually goes very well around the New Year, when everyone resolves to lose weight. I guess I won't be making that resolution this year! Wow, it is so cool to be 100% happy with my weight! Weird weird weird. Go ahead.. write negative comments about how happy I admit to being... it only seems to inspire another round of supportive comments and emails, which makes me even happier!

Now here are some New Year's things I could work on:

I need to cut back even further on junkie carbs. I do well on my eating at home days, but I don't do as well when I go out.

I need to consistently eat breakfast. No excuses.

I need to be faithful to the nuts and eat them even when I'd rather get the calories through bread. I can tell the difference in my mood so much when I eat fewer carbs, more protein and fat.

I need to go back to exercising every day. That will help me sleep too. I miss my old walking path, but we have a great gym with a treadmill at the apartment complex.

Speaking of the complex, last night I stopped by the apartment complex party. They had an entire buffet of food, and the only thing I could see that was CR friendly was a) pickles b) the grape tomaotes that were garnish on a large tray of deli meats. Luckily, I wasn't looking for dinner since I had plans to cook a fancy vegetable dinner. But I was struck by the total lack of food that I would even consider eating.

I also thought about how for most people, food is a major source of entertainment. Eating is the event. When you're not using food as entertainment, you have to hang out with more interesting people. The other day I was saying to one of the brothers that it was unfortunate that we don't live close enough together to meet for lunch. He said something like, "Yeah, we could watch each other not eat." I always find that I eat a lot less when I am in the company of people I find interesting. I'd just rather pay attention to the people than to the food.


  • At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi april,

    I stumbled upon your blog last night, randomly.
    I was doing my usual web searches on different foods. I was actually looking for as much info I could find on raw mangos. I came up this one blog where she said she ate something orange everyday, then there was this link that said aprils blog!
    I am a woman who purposly eats anywhere from 800 to 1200 calories a day, and I try to make sure those calories are from the most nutrient dense foods. I have heard of cron, I even read one of the older books, (found it confusing).

    I enjoyed your blog, we have alot of similar food preferences!

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday!



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