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Saturday, December 25, 2004

You Mean You Forgot Cranberries Too?

Yes, that's a line from the Waitresses' song I was quoting yesterday. She forgets cranberries for her solitary little Christmas dinner, "So on with the boots, back out in the snow to the only all night grocery..."

Though my mother had requested that I pick up jellied cranberry sauce, I forgot it. Can we chalk that up to some kind of internal sense that I must avoid junkie carbs? Or was it simple exhaution and stupidity? In any case, we had plenty of food, so I didn't go back to the grocery store, which closed at six pm anyway.

My mother, who may have to be called the High Carb Fairy until she ceases this behavior, brought ju ju bees over to my house. She also brought Trader Joe's seseme crackers and portwine cheeseball. I ate *a lot* of cheese. Not sure how many calories and scared to ask. The rest of the dinner was very good though... free range organic turkey (a bit hit with Kieffer the 20 pound tabby, as you might imagine), green peppers stuffed with tomato, basil and feta (next time I do this, I have to remember to throw in some tarragon vinegar... I knew I had forgotten something.)

Now I'm on my way to cook CR-friendly Christmas brunch: eggwhites scrambled, topped with tomatoes and basil, served over a bed of spinach. Red and green!


  • At 5:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    From the High Carb Fairy--- I repent!
    But I do love the little Ju Ju Bees. Just
    two Weight Watcher points for 54 of them.
    I also took them to the movie last night but
    only ate them when April didn't see me....maybe.
    She could probably smell them.
    Again, I repent.
    Mother of Queen of Blog


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